Sep 28, 2012

Earth And Fire - 3 Originals + Extra tracks (Double CD, 1998)

EAC | CD Images | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 842 mb+3% recovery

CD 1:
Atlantis (1973)
1. Atlantis
a). Prelude
b). Prologue (Don't Know)
c). The Rise And Fall (Under A Cloudy Sky)
d). Theme Of Atlantis
e). The Threat (Suddenly)
f). Destruction (Rumbling From Inside The Earth)
g). Epilogue (Don't know)
2. Maybe Tomorrow, Maybe Tonight
3. Interlude
4. Fanfare
5. Theme From Atlantis
6. Love, Please Close The Door

To The World Of The Future (1975)
7. To The World Of The Future
8. How Time Flies
9. The Last Seagull
10. Only Time Will Tell
11. Vote From Yonder
12. Love Of Life
13. Circus

CD 2 :
Gate To Infinity (1977)
1. Recognition?
2. A Princess In Egypt
3. The Joyous Untruth
4. Infinity
5. A Life-Time Before
6. 7,8th Avenue
7. Smile
8. Green Park Station
9. Dizzy Raptures
10. Driftin'

Extra tracks (Singles and B-sides)
11. Hazy Paradise
12. Mechanical Lover
13. Vivid Shady Land
14. Lost Forever
15. From The End Till The Beginning
16. Tuffy The Cat
17. Fun
18. Thanks For The Love
19. What Difference Does It Make

Jerney Kaagman - lead vocals
Ton van de Kleij - drums, percussion
Chris Koerts - guitars, backing vocals
Gerard Koerts - keyboards, guitar, Mellotron, backing vocals
Hans Ziech - bass

Love, Please Close The Door

How Time Flies



Sep 27, 2012

Finch - Glory Of The Inner Force (1975)

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1. Register Magister
2. Parodoxical Moods
3. Pisces
4. A Bridge To Alice
5. Colossus Part I
6. Colossus Part II

Jan Van Nimwegen - guitars
Cleem Determejer - keyboards
Beer Klaasse - drums
Peter Vink - bass


Sep 26, 2012

Candida Pax - Day (1971)

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1. Day
2. Don't Leave Me
3. White Dove
4. Darkness
5. Dark Clouds
6. My Life
7. Reach Out
8. Free

Geoff Dodd - bass gitar, vocal
Frank Hobbs - percussion
Stuart Mellor - lead electric guitars, vocals
Colin Stott - second electric guitar, vocals, acoustic 12 guitar, keyboards


Sep 25, 2012

Bump - Bump 2 (2011, recorded in 1971)

FLAC TRACKS+Covers | No cue | No log | 241 mb+3% recovery

1. Winston Built The Bridge
2. Such Pretty Scenery
3. The Song
4. Sea Of Tranquility
5. Concerning Your Invitation
6. Promises To You
7. Let Me Lie
8. Boris The Black

Paul Lupien - organ
Alan Goldman - guitar
George Runyan - bass, vocals
Jerome Charles Greenberg - drums


Sep 24, 2012

Re-post: Bump - Bump (1970)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 215 mb+3% recovery

Not one of the more interesting period artifacts from the Detroit rock scene of the late '60s and early '70s, Bump took after neither the thrilling proto-punkish heavy rock of state mates the MC5 and the Stooges nor the raucous blue-eyed rock & soul of the Rationals and Mitch Ryder, and there are no hints of a Motown influence. Too bad on all counts, because, instead, the band opts for a psychedelicized brand of minor-key pop/rock with progressive flourishes that wants to be eerie but just as often comes off flat and uninspired. For the most part, the songs are just not there. There are a few things on this CD reissue of Bump's only album that could be construed as quaint reminders of a bygone era, even if they ultimately only act as reminders of how much better the best first- and second- (even third-) tier bands from that period were. Nevertheless, the brief snippet "Holly Thorndike" is so adorably twee and prissy it could have come off an early Bee Gees record (but only if it were better produced, performed, and recorded), and who knows how songs such as "Daydream Song" and "Spider's Eyes" may have come off in a smoke- and incense-choked room or through the filter of a swirling acid haze. Bump tries hard to be atmospheric, to work the same ominous side of the pop spectrum as the Doors and Procol Harum, and in that respect the album means well, but it's also derivative and completely cheesy faux psych-pop -- not the real thing at all, even though it pastes on the fuzz guitar and echo and every other sordid effect it can find. More often than not, the paper-thin organ riffs sound more roller-rink than ballroom, and the melodies more merry-go-round than psychedelic, and after only a few songs, George Runyan's expressiveless voice -- and hence the album that it carries just turns hopelessly grating.
1. Sing Into The Wind
2. State Of Affairs
3. Daydream Song
4. Holly Thorndike
5. Got To Get You Back
6. Spider's Eyes
7. Clean Myself
8. From My Slot
9. Lifelines, Decisions, You Can't Even Think
Bonus tracks:
10. Winston Built The Bridge (From The Pioneer 45" 1969)
11. Sing Into The Wind (From The Pioneer 45" 1969)

The band:
Alan Goldman - guitar
Jerry Greenberg - drums, vocals
Paul Lupien - keyboards, vocals
George Runyan - lead vocals, bass


Sep 23, 2012

Fuse - Fuse (1969)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 343 mb+3% recovery 

From Rockford, Illinois. The lineage of this band is reported to stretchback via certain members (Rick Nielsen is frequently mentioned) to the Phaetons, via the Boyz, and possibly the Huns. The band was actually called The Grim Reapers but changed their name to Fuse upon signing to Epic. Peterson and Nielson were also in Sick Man Of Europe and Nazz. Bassist Tom Peterson and Rick Nielson went on to play with Cheap Trick. This album is pretty heavy.
1. Across The Skies
2. Permanent Resident
3. Show Me
4. To Your Health
5. In A Window
6. 4/4 3/4
7. Mystery Ship
8. Sad Day
Bonus tracks:
9. Hound Dog (single A-side,1968)
10. Cruisin' For Burgers (single B-side,1968)

Rick Nielsen - rhythm guitar, keyboards
Tom Peterson - bass
Craig Myers - lead guitar
Chip Greenman - drums
Joe Sundberg - vocals


Sep 21, 2012

Peace & Quiet - Peace & Quiet (1971)

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1. You Can Wait Till Tomorrow
2. Margo's Leaving Song (Got To Go Away)
3. Country Thing
4. Hear My Love
5. Black Mountain
6. Looney Tunes (Instrumental)

Roger Pavlica - guitar
Rick Steele - vocals
Jim Tolliver - bass
Greg Williams - drums
Chuck Witherow - keyboards
Jerry Goodman - violin on track 2


Sep 20, 2012

Re-upload by request: Brinsley Schwarz - Nervous On The Road (1972)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 270 mb+3% recovery

Pub rock, the English roots rock movement of the early '70s, would never have earned a cult following if it wasn't for Brinsley Schwarz. Initially, Brinsley Schwarz was a rambling, neo-psychedelic folk-rock band that borrowed heavily from Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Grateful Dead. Following a disastrous publicity stunt to promote its debut album, the band went into seclusion outside of London and developed a laid-back, rootsy sound inspired by Eggs Over Easy, an American band that had been playing a mixture of originals and covers in English pubs...
1. It's Been So Long
2. Happy Doing What We're Doing
3. Surrender To The Rhythm
4. Don't Lose Your Grip On Love
5. Nervous On The Road (But Can't Stay At Home)
6. Feel A Little Funky

7. I Like It Like That
8. Brand New You, Brand New Me
9. Home In My Hand
10. Why, Why, Why, Why, Why

Brinsley Schwarz - guitar, alto and tenor sax, vocals
Ian Gomm - guitars, vocals
Billy Rankin - drums
Bob Andrews - keyboards, alto sax, vocals
Nick Lowe - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals


Sep 19, 2012

Re-upload by request: Head East - Gettin' Lucky (1977) + Head East (1978)

FLAC TRACKS+CUE+Covers | NO LOG | 606 mb+3% recovery

Gettin' Lucky (1977)

1. Gettin' Lucky
2. Back In My Own Hands
3. Show Me I'm Alive
4. Take It On Home
5. Dancer Road
6. Don't Let Me Sleep In The Morning
7. Sands Of Time
8. Call To Arms And Legs
9. Time Has A Way
10. Every Little Bit Of My Heart

Head East (1978)

 11. Open Up The Door
12. Man I Wanna Be
13. Nothing To Lose
14. Since You've Been Gone
15. Pictures
16. Get Up And Enjoy Yourself
17. I'm Feelin' Fine
18. Dance Away Lover
19. Elijah

Roger Boyd - keyboards, vocals
Steve Huston - drums, vocals
Mike Somerville - guitar, vocals
John Schlitt - lead vocals
Dan Birney - bass


Sep 18, 2012

City Boy - Dinner At The Ritz (1976)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 346 mb+3% recovery


1. Momma's Boy
2. Walk On The Water
3. Narcissus
4. Dinner At The Ritz
5. Goodbye Blue Monday
6. The Violin
7. State Secrets - A Thriller
a). State Secrets
b). Heavy Breathing
c). Spring In Peking

The band:
Lol Mason - lead vocals, backing vocals
Steve Broughton - lead vocals, backing vocals, autoharp
Max Thomas - keyboards, vocals
Chris Dunn - bass, acoustic guitar on tr. 6
Roger Kent - drums, percussion
Mike Slamer - electric guitars


Re-upload by request: Home - Pause For A Hoarse Horse (1971) + Home (1972)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 479 mb+3% recovery

Much underrated British progressive rock band from the early seventies who produced a total of three albums of well-written songs with elegant mood swings underpinned by highly competent musicianship. The band s star, guitarist Laurie Wisefield, who went onto Wishbone Ash, is heard to great effect across the band s first two albums presented here.

Pause For A Hoarse Horse (1971):
1. Tramp
2. Family
3. Pause For A Hoarse Horse
4. Red E. Lewis And The Red Caps
5. In My Time
6. How Would It Feel
7. Bad Days
8. Mother
9. Moses
10. Welwyn Garden City Blues
11. You're No Good

Home (1972):
12. Dreamer
13. Knave
14. Fancy Lady, Hollywood Child
15. Rise Up
16. Dear Lord
17. Baby Friend Of Mine
18. Western Front
19. My Lady Of The Birds


Sep 17, 2012

Re-post: Trooper - Hot Shots [Greatest Hits] (1979)

EAC |  FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 256 mb+3% recovery

1. The Boys In The Bright White Sports Car
2. Baby Woncha Please Come Home
3. General Hand Grenade
4. Two For The Show
5. Ready
6. Santa Maria
7. We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time)
8. Oh Pretty Lady
9. (It's Been A) Long Time
10. Round Round We Go
11. Moment That It Takes
12. Raise A Little Hell


Also TROOPER albums

Re-upload by request: Savoy Brown - Steel (2008)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 446 mb+3% recovery


1. Monday Morning Blues
2. Long As I've Got You
3. I Don't Remember You

4. You Don't Do A Thing For Me
5. Fly Away
6. Crying Forever
7. Daybreak
8. Echo Of A Sigh
9. I'll Keep On Singing The Blues
10. Keeping The Dream Alive
Bonus tracks:
11. Blues Like Midnight
12. Hellbound Train

Kim Simmonds - vocals, guitar
Gerry Sorrentino - bass instrument
Dennis Cotton, Mario Staiano - drums
Ron Keck - percussion


Sep 16, 2012

Roy Wood Wizzo Band - Super Active Wizzo (1977)

CD Image | FLAC+CUE | No LOG | No covers | 323 mb+3% recovery

Super Active Wizzo is the only album by the short-lived Roy Wood Wizzo Band, formed by Roy Wood in 1977 to fulfill his more jazz-oriented ambitions. The band also released the two singles "The Stroll", preceding the album, and "Dancin’ At The Rainbow’s End". Neither singles nor album charted and the band split up in 1978.
1. Life Is Wonderful
2. Waitin' At This Door
3. Another Wrong Night  
4. Sneakin'
5. Giant Footsteps (Jubilee)
6. Earthrise

Album credits:
Roy Wood - vocals, guitars, tenor, baritone, soprano & alto saxes, electric sitar, clavinet, bass & string bass, moog, backing vocals
Dave Donovan - drums
Billy Paul - alto & baritone saxes
Graham Gallery - bass
Rick Price -  pedal steel guitar and electric guitar
Paul Robbins - backing vocals
Bob Wilson - trombone

 All thanks to SteveG


Sep 14, 2012

Re-upload by request: Crystals - Crystals (1992, recorded in 1973)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 182 mb+3% recovery
With such an important line-up, it's strange that this group had such a short life.
Crystals were a sort of supergroup composed by experienced musicians, former members of name bands like Premiata Forneria Marconi (Piazza), Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (Todaro), Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno and Samadhi (Civitenga), Alphataurus (Santandrea), and under the guidance of Paolo Tofani (Area and Electric Frankenstein) that composed all of their tracks.
They recorded an album that was intended for release on Cramps label, but for mysterious reasons it never appeared, and has only been released on CD in the early 90's.
Needless to say, the record shows an excellent musicianship, despite a certain lack of originality. The lyrics are sung in English, though the album has long instrumental parts, and the musical style is closer to English groups than to the Italian prog sound.
A Led Zeppelin influence is evident in Time out, very similar in its musical and vocal arrangement to the Page-Plant trademark sound, or Policeman with a folky feeling.
1. Wrought Iron
2. Time Out
3. Feeling
4. If She's Still Mine
5. Sad Story
6. Persian Carpet
7. Policeman
8. Women Under Water

Carlo Degani - vocals, percussion
Nanni Civitenga - guitar
Marcello Todaro - guitar
Giorgio Piazza - bass
Giorgio Santandrea - drums


Sep 13, 2012

Christmas - Heritage (1970)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 515 mb+3% recovery

1. Zenith (Instrumental)
2. Rise Up
3. Goin' To Oklahoma
4. Something Borrowed
5. Point Blank (It Scares Me)
6. Zephyr Song
7. Bustin' Out Tonight
8. Blues On An Iceberg
9. April Mountain
10. Heritage
11. A Part Of Our Heritage
12. Don't Give It Away
13. Farewell Sweet Lovin'
14. I'm A Song (Sing Me)

Bob Bryden - all vocals, guitars, piano, organ, harpsichord, electric harpsichord, celeste
Rich Richter - drums
Robert Bulger - guitars
Tyler Raizenne - bass


Re-upload by request: Christmas - Christmas (1970)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 249 mb+3% recovery

About band

1. Just Suppose
2. Your Humble Suitor
3. Sorry I Bore You Victoria
4. Oasis
5. Jungle Fabulous

Bob Bryden - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Robert Bylger - lead guitar
Tyler Raizenne - bass
Rich Richter - drums

 Sorry I Bore You Victoria


Sep 12, 2012

Re-upload by request: Tibet - Tibet (1978)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 248 mb+3% recovery


1. Fight Back
2. City By The Sea
3. White Ships And Icebergs
4. Seaside Evening
5. Take What's Yours

6. Eagles
7. No More Time

Klaus Werthmann - lead vocals
Deff Ballin - keyboards
Dieter Kumpakischkis - keyboards
Karl-Heinz Hamann - bass
Fred Teske - drums, percussion, guitars, vocals
Jurgen Krutzsch - guitars


Good Rats - Birth Comes To Us All (1978)

FLAC TRACKS+Covers | 271 mb+3% recovery

1. School Days
2. City Liners
3. Cherry River
4. Gino
5. Ordinary Man
6. Man On A Fish
7. You're Still Doing It
8. Juvenile Song
9. Bed And A Bottle
10. Birth Comes To Us All

The band:
Peppi Marchello - lead vocals
Mickey Marchello - guitars & vocals
John Gatto - guitars
Lenny Kotke - bass & vocals
Joe Franco - drums


Also GOOD RATS albums:

Sep 11, 2012

Re-post: Philip Lynott - The Philip Lynott Album (1982)

For MrRockeveryday

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 278 mb+3% recovery

1. Fatalistic Attitude
2. The Man's A Fool
3. Old Town
4. Cathleen
5. Growing Up
6. Yellow Pearl
7. Together
8. Little Bit Of Water
9. Ode To Liberty (The Protest Song)
10. Gino
11. Don't Talk About Me Baby

Philip Lynott - vocals, bass, bass guitar synthesiser, tympani + cymbal, CR 76 computer drum machines, guitar, Sarah's space gun, Irish harp, keyboards, percussion
Scott Gorham - bass on track 8
Darren Wharton - keyboards, drum machine
Midge Ure - guitar, keyboards, linn drum machine on track 6,
Mark Knopfler - lead guitar on track 9
Brian Downey - drums on track 9
Mark Nauseef - drums, percussion, vocal intro on track 4, 5
Jimmy Bain - bass, backing vocals on track 2, 3
Huey Lewis - harmonica on track 4
Jerome Rimson - bass on track 7, 10
Bobby C. Benberg - drums on track 8
Rusty Egan - drums on track 2, 3, 4
Gordon Johnson - intro voice on track 3
Suzanne Machon - intro voice on track 4
Monica Lynott - backing vocals on track 4, 5
Mel Collins - saxophone on track 5
Pierre Moerlen - drums on track 11


Sep 10, 2012

Re-upload by request: Artful Dodger - Honor Among Thieves (1976)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 217 mb+3% recovery

Biography by Peter Kurtz:
Hailing from Virginia, Artful Dodger was a tuneful working-man's band that had a brief run of success in the late '70s. In classic power pop style, the group combined hard-driving electric guitars with catchy arrangements and harmonies. But where the Raspberries emphasized balladry and romanticism, and Big Star had both that plus lyricism, Artful Dodger put its stock in straight-ahead guitar energy and high-end vocalizing. Lead singer Bill Paliselli provided the latter, with Gary Herrewig and Gary Cox sharing guitar duties. This energy carried over on stage as well as in the studio, and the band had a rather fervent cult following among those who like their rock tough, yet melodic, especially in working-class cities like Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Although Artful Dodger never managed to push through to a mainstream audience, anyone with a taste for '70s power pop should not be without at least one of their records.
1. Honor Among Thieves
2. Not Enough
3. Scream
4. Keep a Knockin'
5. Keep Me Happy
6. Remember
7. Dandelion
8. Hey Boys
9. Good Fun

Bill Paliselli - guitar, vocals
Gary Herrewig - slide guitar, vocals
Gary Cox - guitar, vocals
Steve Cooper - bass
Steve Brigada - drums, percussion


Sep 9, 2012

Be Bop Deluxe - Axe Victim (1974, 1990)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 389 mb+3% recovery


1. Axe Victim
2. Love Is Swift Arrows
3. Jet Silver And The Dolls Of Venus
4. Third Floor Heaven
5. Night Creatures
6. Rocket Cathedrals
7. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape
8. Jets At Dawn
9. No Trains To Heaven
10. Darkness (L'Immoraliste)
Bonus tracks:
11. Piece Of Mine (Live)
12. Mill Street Junction (Live)
13. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape (Live)

William Nelson - vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, piano
Robert Bryan - vocals, bass guitar
Ian Parkin - guitar, acoustic guitar, organ
Nicholas Chatterton-Drew - drums, percussion


Sep 7, 2012

Re-post: Wishbone Ash - Clan Destiny (2006)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 352 mb+3% recovery

1. Eyes Wide Open
2. Dreams Outta Dust   
3. Healing Ground
4. Steam Town
5. Loose Change
6. Surfing A Slow Wave
7. Slime Time
8. Capture The Moment
9. Your Dog
10. The Raven
11. Motherless Child

Andy Powell - lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, mandolin
Muddy Manninen - vocals, electric, acoustic, slide & lap guitar
Bob Skeat - bass, piano, clavinet & vocals
Ray Weston - drums & percussion


Re-post: Billy Cox & Buddy Miles - The Band Of Gypsys Return (2006)

EAC | CD Image | APE+CUE+LOG+Covers | 394 mb+3% recovery

Review by Greg Prato:
During his brief yet legendary career, the albums released during Jimi Hendrix's lifetime could be broken down into two categories: psychedelic hard rock and funk / soul rock. The latter style could be pinpointed to the 1970 release Band of Gypsys, a live recording which saw Hendrix hook up with old pals Billy Cox (bass guitar) and Buddy Miles (drums), and shy away from the pyrotechnics of his early days in favor of heavy jamming. Thirty-six years after the release of the Band of Gypsys' lone album comes a follow-up, Band of Gypsys Return, on which Hendrix's shoes are filled by such players as Eric Gales, Kid Rock's Kenny Olson, and Guitar World Magazine's Andy Aledort, among others. Comprised of both studio and live recordings, several Hendrix classics are revisited, as well as a pair of tunes penned by Cox for Jimmy Stewart (aka Buzzard), who was a musical influence on Hendrix and Cox (according to Cox's liner notes). For the most part, the renditions of the Hendrix classics follow the original versions closely-especially Aledort's fine job of re-creating the long-and-winding solos of "Machine Gun," as well as Olson tackling "Stone Free." But elsewhere, tracks like "Manic Depression" get a significant overhauling, and the two aforementioned Stewart tribute tracks, "You've Got the Best in Town" and "Let Your Word Be Your Bond" fit in well. As evidenced by Band of Gypsys Return, Cox and Miles still make up one hell of a rhythm section.
1. Power Of Soul
Billy Cox - bass & backing vocals
Buddy Miles - drums & vocals
Andy Aledor - guitar
Sheldon Reynolds - backing vocals

2. Machine Gun
Billy Cox - bass & backing vocals
Buddy Miles - drums & vocals
Andy Aledort - guitar
Sheldon Reynolds - backing vocals

3. Manic Depression
Buddy Miles - vocals
Henri Brown - bass
Matt Frenette - drums
Rick 'Hendrix' - guitar
Joe Bashorun - keyboards

4. You've Got The Best In Town
Billy Cox - bass & vocal
Jerry Stockard - drums
James Nixon - guitar & backing vocals
Shannon Wilford - harmonica
Gary Serkin - guitar

5. Let Your Word Be Your Bond
Billy Cox - bass & backing vocals
Eugene Golden - keyboards & backing vocals
Gary Serkin - guitar

6. Stone Free [Live]
Billy Cox - bass & vocals
Buddy Miles - drums
Kenny Olson - guitar

7. Power Of Soul [Live]
Billy Cox - bass
Buddy Miles - drums & backing vocals
Andy Aledort - guitar & backing vocals
Sheldon Reynolds - vocals

8. Who Knows [Live]
Billy Cox - bass
Buddy Miles - drums & backing vocals
Eric Gales - guitar & backing vocals
Sheldon Reynolds - guitar & vocals
Kenny Olson - guitar

9. Foxey Lady [Live]
Billy Cox - bass
Buddy Miles - drums
Eric Gales - lead guitar & vocals
Sheldon Reynolds - rhythm guitar


Sep 6, 2012

Jazz Is Dead - Laughing Water (1999)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+Covers | No LOG | 410 mb+3% recovery

Jazz is Dead is an instrumental Grateful Dead cover band that interprets classic Dead songs with jazz influences. Although the group's composition has changed over time, with T Lavitz being the only constant member, the group is notable in featuring veterans of jazz and jazz fusion ensembles.

1. a). Vocal Intro
b). Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo
2. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
3. Row Jimmy
4. Stella Blue
5. a). Vocal Intro
b). Here Comes Sunshine
 c). "Sunshine Jam"
6. a). Eyes Of The World
b). Two Sisters
7. Weather Report Suite, Part 1
8. Weather Report Suite, Part 2: Let It Grow

Jimmy Herring - guitars
Alphonso Johnson - basses
T Lavitz - keyboards
Rod Morgenstein and Jeff Sipe - drums


Sep 5, 2012

Brainbox - To You (1972)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 467 mb+3% recovery

Review by Joe Viglione (AMG):
Holland's Brainbox was part of the Benelux Invasion consisting of Stockholm's ABBA, Shocking Blue from the Netherlands, Denmark's the Savage Rose, and, of course, Blue Swede, a convergence a bit more subtle than the British Invasion and spanning over a decade. While H.P. Lovecraft kept changing members around the drummer, this band would release a record with totally new people in 1972, that work entitled Parts. Yet the original Brainbox does have qualities somewhat resembling the earlier H.P. Lovecraft, and is a worthwhile collection of musically diverse and eclectic performances. The decent liner notes call this "progressive pop," and in some respects it is, though they shift gears from the Simon & Garfunkel classic "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" to the 17-minute plus original "Sea of Delight," and take lots of other directions in between. The Damned had a song called "New Rose," which is where the French record label got its name, and there was the aforementioned Savage Rose, but Brainbox has "Dark Rose," a blend of Jethro Tull meets the Mothers of Invention. Brainbox ups the ante by sliding into Tim Hardin and a very credible cover of "Reason to Believe" a full two years before Rod Stewart would get a B-side hit with it (the original A-side of the "Maggie Mae" single), they pull off a chameleon-like change on this to become folk rockers. Casimirz Lux has a very appealing voice with a bit of Stewart's rasp, making "Reason to Believe" a highlight of the album. The liner notes credit Jimmy Smith for writing "Baby, What You Want Me to Do," but the tracking properly gives it to Jimmy Reed, and his Top 40 1960 hit is as bluesy as you can get here, the band changing styles yet again and showing their grasp and appreciation of American music. From progressive rock to folk-rock to blues-rock to the folk-pop of Simon & Garfunkel, who is to say they weren't rewriting Blind Faith's lengthy "Do What You Like" by way of "Sea of Joy" for their epic "Sea of Delight"? The album is a dense amalgam of sounds and themes from England and America, but is reverent in its borrowing and presentation. Brainbox's rendition of "Summertime" sounds like Deep Purple adding heavy keyboard sounds and slowing up the Billy Stewart 1966 hit reinvention of the Gershwin tune from Porgy & Bess. Of course, Janis Joplin did it two years earlier than Brainbox and psychedelicized it with an immortal performance - but a good song is a good song, and this is Jan Akkerman before he would give us "Hocus Pocus" from Focus, and that fact makes the album more than just a curiosity. Since these gents were so enamoured of American music, it seems credible that they took the Vanilla Fudge sound - famous in Europe a year before it hit in America - and put it on a Janis Joplin favorite. This is much more than the "bargain bin" item many American record buyers passed it off as. It's a real diamond in the rough.
1. Virgin
2. Amsterdam, The First Days
3. Sinner's Prayer
4. Dark Rose
5. Cruel Train
6. Down Man
7. Woman's Gone
8. To You
9. Summertime
10. Doomsday Train
11. Between Alpha And Omega
12. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
13. Scarborough Fair
14. The Flight
15. So Helpless
16. The Smile
17. Reason To Believe
18. Sea Of Delight
19. Mobilea
20. Good Morning

Jan Akkerman - guitar, organ, vibes, bass guitar
Andre Reynen - bass guitar
Pierre van der Linden - drums
Kazimierz Lux - vocals, percussion
John Schuursma - guitar
Frans Smit - drums
Rudy de Queljoe - guitar
Herman Meyer - guitar
Tom Barlage - flute
Rob Hoeke - piano


Sep 4, 2012

Whalefeathers - Declare (1970) / Whalefeathers (1971) [2 in 1]

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Formed in 1969, in Cincinati, Ohio Whalefeathers released just two LP's before disbanding. The music is best described as melodious progressive rock with a lot of piano & organ, good vocals & some intense guitar. There is nothing stand out as such but the band sit well within the confines of Prog Related. Their debut album Declare and follow up Whalefeathers were both released in 1970. In 2002 both albums were re-released on CD under one package.

Declare (1970):
1. Declare - Prelude
2. Lost Dimension
3. Know Thyself
4. Imagine
5. Omaha
6. Please Me For A While
7. Invention Sequence
8. Love Cant Be Wrong

Whalefeathers (1971):
9. World Of Pain
10. I Dont Need No Doctor
11. Its A Hard Road (Back Home)
12. Bastich
13. Pretty Woman
14. Shadows

Stephe Bacon - percussion, tympani, vocals
Ed Blackmon - keyboards, vocals
Michael Jones - guitar, vocals
Roger Sauer - bass, vocals
Leonard LeBlanc - bass, vocals
Mike Wheeler - guitar, bass


Sep 2, 2012

Anti-Depressive Delivery - Feel. Melt. Release. Escape (2004)

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1. End Of Days
2. Coward
3. Voyage Of No Brain Discovery
4. Path Of Sorrow
5. Penny Is A Slut Machine
6. Feel. Melt. Release. Escape
7. 0
8. The Anti-Depressive Delivery
9. Bones & Money

Pete Beck - lead vocals, background vocals
Christian Broholt - guitars
Tom Welhaven Wahl - bass
Terje Kråbøl - drums, percussion
Håkon Marius Pettersen - keyboards