Oct 30, 2012

Zior - Zior [8 bonus tracks] (1971, 2006)

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Zior had their roots in Southend's early sixties R&B scene. Kevin Bonsor had previously been in a local R&B outfit, The Essex Five, and then classical/rock fusion outfit, Cardboard Orchestra. Pete Brewer had been in another Southend R&B band, The Night Riders. He and Bonsor were Zior's founding members recruiting Truba and Skeels (who'd once played in a London band called The Bum) via a 'Melody Maker' advert.
Zior did have a reputation as a wild live band. They were heavily into Black Magic and Satanic Mass etc. They recorded an album on the Beacon label, later in 1971, which was credited to Monument, though in fact it featured all four members of Zior.
1. I Really Do
2. Za Za Za Zilda
3.  Love's Desire 4:00
4. New Land
5. Now I'm Sad
6. Give Me Love
7. Quabala
8. Oh Mariya
9. Your Life Will Burn
10. I Was Fooling
11. Before My Eyes Go Blind
12. Rolling Thunder
Bonus tracks:
13. Dudi Judy
14. Evolution
15. Cat's Eyes
16. Strange Kind Of Magic
17. Ride Me Baby
18. Entrance Of The Devil
19. Every Inch A Man
20. Angle Of The Highway

Keith Bonsor - vocals, keyboards, flute
John Truba - guitar, vocals
Barry Skeels - bass, vocals
Peter Brewer - drums, piano, harmonica


Oct 28, 2012

Jasper Wrath - Jasper Wrath (1971)

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US band JASPER WRATH was formed in 1969, when Jeff Cannata (drums), Michael Soldan (keyboards), and Robert Gianotti (guitars) left their former bands to pursue other musical directions; and with the addition of Phil Stone (bass) the new band was formed.
The first six months or so of it's existence the band concentrated on writing new material, and then sent oout demos to select record companies in New York and Los Angeles. A few weeks later MGM Records contacted the band, and after a live showcase for the label the band landed a record deal. Their debut album was recorded at Phil Ramone's studio over a few weeks, and was issued in 1971.
A short time after the release a national tour is planned, but when Gionatti suddenly decides to leave the band; and a suitable replacement can't be found, the outfit temporarily splits.
Following an excursion in Europe a new line-up is formed. Cannata, Soldan and Stone (now also handling flute) remains from the first line-up, and James Christian (vocals), Scott Zito (guitars); and later Soldan's place as an active member is taken over by Jeff Batter (keyboards, synths).
The reformed Jaspwer Wrath doesn't issue any new material though; but continue as a live act until 1976. The material made in this second stage of their was later made available on a compilation album released in 1997; including selected tracks from illegal albums issued by the Dellwood label under false names (Ardent House: Coming Back; Zoldar & Clark: The Ghost of Way).
1. Look To The Sunrise
2. Mysteries (You Can Find Out)
3. It's Up To You
4. Autumn
5. Odyssey
6. Did You Know
7. Drift Through Our Cloud
8. Portrait: My Lady Angelina
9. Roland Of Montevere

Michael Soldan - keyboards and vocals
Jeff Cannata  - drums, percussion, guitar, woodwinds and vocals
Robert Gianotti - guitar, flute and vocals
Phil Stone - bass and vocals


Oct 26, 2012

Mark-Almond - Rising (1972)

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1. Monday Bluesong
2. Song For A Sad Musician
3. Organ Grinder
4. I'll Be Leaving Soon
5. What I Livin For?
6. Riding Free
7. The Little Prince
8. The Phoenix

Jon Mark
vocals, guitars, percussion
Johnny Almond
baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone, vibes, bass, flutes, percussion, backing vocals
Dannie Richmond
drums, percussion, backing vocals
Geoff Condon
trumpet ,fluegelhorn, cornet, flute, tenor saxophone, oboe, percussion, backing vocals
Ken Craddock
piano, electric piano, guitar, percussion, vocals
Colin Gibson
bass, percussion, backing vocals


Oct 25, 2012

By request: Redbone - Potlatch (1970)

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Redbone is a Native American rock group that was most active in the 1970s....
Read more 
1. Maggie
2. Light Is A Feather
3. Who Can Say?
4. Judgement Day
5. Without Reservation
6. Chant: 13th Hour
7. Alcatraz
8. Drinkin' And Blo
9. Bad News Ain't No News At All
10. New Blue Sermonette
Bonus tracks:
11. Maggie (Single version)
12. New Blue Sermonette (Single version)

Lolly Vegas - guitar, vocals
Tony Bellamy - guitar, vocals
Pat Vegas - bass, vocals
Pete DePoe - drums, percussion


Oct 24, 2012

Badfinger - BBC In Concert 1972-73 (1997)

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BBC IN CONCERT 1972-1973 captures Badfinger at the height of its boogie phase, performing 15 songs live for BBC radio. BBC In Concert 1972-73 CD music In the studio, it was leader Pete Ham who created the band's signature hits; however, on stage guitarist Joey Molland was in charge. BBC In Concert 1972-73 music CDs With the exception of a 1970 BBC version of "Come and Get It," no other hits are performed. BBC In Concert 1972-73 songs Instead, Badfinger jams on extended versions of Joey Molland songs such as "Better Days" and "Suitcase." Presumably to show off the band's instrumental prowess, Badfinger even performs versions of Dave Mason's "Only You Know and I Know" and "Feelin' Alright." While the album features several acoustic interludes, it's basically a hard rock collection that stands as a testament to Badfinger's versatility and timeless appeal.
1. Better Days
2. Only You And I Know
3. We're For The Dark
4. Sweet Tuesday Morning
5. Feelin' Alright?
6. Take It All
7. Suitcase
8. Love Is Easy
9. Blind Owl
10. Constitution
11. Icicles
12. Matted Spam
13. Suitcase
14. I Can't Take It
15. Come And Get It


Oct 23, 2012

Badfinger - Day After Day Live (1974, 1990)

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1. Sometimes
2. I don't Mind
3. Blind Owl
4. Give It Up
5. Constitution
6. Baby Blue
7. Name Of The Game
8. Day After Day
9. Timeless
10.I Can't Take It


Oct 22, 2012

Blue Öyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening (1978, 2007)

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Some Enchanted Evening is the second live album by the American hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult, released in September 1978 (see 1978 in music). It is Blue Öyster Cult's best selling album, having sold two million copies, including over a million in the United States. The album's seven original tracks were recorded at various locations in the United States and England.
The album was re-issued on CD in early 2007 on Legacy Recordings and included seven previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in various locations around the US, along with a DVD entitled Some OTHER Enchanted Evening, which featured a previously unreleased performance videotaped at the Capital Centre in Largo, Maryland in the spring of 1978.
1. R U Ready To Rock
2. ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
3. Astronomy

4. Kick Out The Jams
5. Godzilla
6. Don't Fear The Reaper
7. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Bonus tracks:
8. ME 262
9. Harvester Of Eyes
10. Hot Rails To Hell
11. This Ain't The Summer Of Love
12. 5 Guitars
13. Born To Be Wild
14. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Eric Bloom - lead vocals, stun guitar
Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - lead guitar, vocals
Allen Lanier - keyboards, guitar
Joe Bouchard - bass, vocals
Albert Bouchard - drums, vocals


Oct 21, 2012

Re-post: Neil Merryweather - Kryptonite (1975) + Neil Merryweather, John Richardson And Boers (1970) as bonus tracks

FLAC TRACKS+Covers | NO CUE | LOG | 485 mb+3% recovery

1. Kryptonite
2. Star Rider
3. Always Be You
4. Give It Everything We Got
5. The Groove
6. Real Life Love
7. You Know Where I'd Rather Be
8. Let Us Be The Dawn
Bonus tracks:
9. Aren't You Glad That You Know
10. City Boy
11. Dust My Blues
12. Flat Black
13. You Must Live It
14. Your Real Good Thing
15. Local 149 / Are You Ready

Neil Merryweather - vocals, bass
Michael "Jeep" Willis - guitars
James Herndon - synthesizers, guitars, slide guitar
Tim McGovern - drums, guitar 


Oct 19, 2012

Ivar Avenue Reunion - Ivar Avenue Reunion (1970)

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1. Ride Mama Ride
2. After While
3. Magic Fool
4. Fast Train
5. My Daddy Was A Jockey
6. Charlotte Brown
7. Run, Run, Children
8. Walkin' Shoes
9. Toe Jam

Charlie Musselwhite - harmonica, vocals
Barry Goldberg - organ, guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Neil Merryweather - bass, guitar (bass), vocals
Robin Boers - drums
Lynn Carey - vocals
Louise Di Tullio - flute
James A. Decker - french horn
Sidney George - clarinet
John Richardson - guitar
J.J. Velker - organ, piano (electric)

Rip by Nelwizard


Oct 17, 2012

Re-upload by request: Warhorse - Warhorse (1970)

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Biography by Richie Unterberger:
Formed in 1970 around ex-Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper, Warhorse were understandably close to early Deep Purple in their blend of keyboard-colored progressive rock and early heavy metal. The group coalesced when Simper left Deep Purple in 1969 to lead soul singer Marsha Hunt's backing band, which included Rick Wakeman on keyboards for a while. The backing band formed the nucleus of Warhorse, which recorded a couple of albums for Vertigo in the early 1970s. With their early hard rock/metal sounds and a singer (Ashley Holt) who could roll into over-serious, high stentorian vocal phrases, the group have also been compared to early Black Sabbath, although they lacked the hooks necessary to achieve the same level of success as Sabbath or Purple. Echoes of Yes (in the keyboards) and perhaps Uriah Heep can be heard as well. Warhorse broke up in 1973, with drummer Mac Poole joining Gong, and Holt and drummer Barney James (who briefly replaced Poole in Warhorse's final days) going to Rick Wakeman's band.
1. Vulture Blood
2. No Chance
3. Burning
4. St. Louis
5. Ritual
6. Solitude
7. Woman Of The Devil
Bonus tracks:
8. Ritual [Live]
9. Miss Jane [Demo Version]
10. Solitude [Live]
11. Woman Of The Devil [Live]
12. Burning [Live]

Ashley Holt - vocals
Ged Peck - guitar
Mac Poole - drums
Nick Simper - bass
Frank Wilson - organ, piano


Oct 16, 2012

Mutzie - Light Of Your Shadow (1970)

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1. Highway
2. The Light Of Your Shadow
3. Cocaine Blues
4. Jessie Fly
5. Because Of  You
6. The Game
7. Daily Cycle

Eric "Mutzie" Levenburg - guitar, vocals
Andee Levenburg - keyboards
Barry Levenburg - bass
Marc White - drums
Nick Palise - alto & soprano sax, flute
Dave Kovarick - tenor sax
Chuck Feger - tenor sax, flute
Bob Cowart - tenor sax, flute, oboe
Fred Boldt - bass & baritone sax, bass clarinet


Oct 14, 2012

Kiyomi Otaka - Third Hand (1998)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG | No covers | 313 mb+3% recovery


1. Renoir
2. Commodore Funk
3. Drag Swing
4. 3Rd Hand
5. Safari
6. Dr. Owl
7. Full Moon
8. Potos
9. Cool Duck

Koichi Yabori - guitars
Kiyomi Otaka - Hammond B-3, composer
Jiro Okada - bass
Mansaku Kimura - drums, percussion


Oct 13, 2012

Homer - Grown In USA (1970)

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1. Circles In The North
2. Taking Me Home
3. Dawson Creek
4. Survivor

5. In The Beginning
6. Love's Coming
7. Four Days And Nights "Without You"
8. Cyrano In The Dark
9. Lonely Woman
Bonus tracks:
10. Sunrise
11. Dandelion Wine

Phil Bepko - vocals
Frank Coy - vocals
Galen Niles - lead guitar
Howard Gloor - lead & steel guitar
Chet Himes - bass
Gene Coleman - drums
Rob Meurer - Mellotron


Oct 12, 2012

Novello - B3 Soul (2009)

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Keyboardist/composer/arranger, and producer, John Novello has played and worked with everybody from Chick Corea, Ritchie Cole, Hubert Laws, Andy Summers of the Police, Henry Mancini, Ramsey Lewis, to legendary rock bassist Billy Sheehan, Edgar Winter, Mark Isham, Donna Summer, Manhattan Transfer and A Taste of Honey. As a player he has a worldwide reputation in contemporary jazz and R & B/Soul on both acoustic and electronic instruments but most famously the Hammond B3 Organ.
Novello’s first solo CD “Tool Cool” was released to excellent reviews through ITI/Spindletop in the US and through Sentemo Records in Europe. His most recent solo record called Threshold, released on Holographic Records, is yet another offering of soulful Hammond B3 performances featuring Eric Marienthal on sax, Melvin Davis on bass, Eric McKain on percussion and Randy Drake on percussion. Recorded live at the famous Baked Potato in Los Angeles, this exceptional set has reached audiences everywhere with John’s unique Hammond B3 high energy on full display.
Novello, along with bassist Billy Sheehan, founded the now legendary progressive jazz blues rock trio Niacin based on Novello’s trademarked soulful B3 playing style and writing and features drummer extraordinaire Dennis Chambers and rock and roll hall of famer Billy Sheehan on bass. The first CD was released in Japan and Asia in July 1996 on Video Arts Inc; the US/European CD was released on Stretch/Concord Records in March 1997. Since then Niacin has toured the world and recorded 6 CD’s and their last release “Time Crunch” on Magnacarta Records is already heralded as one of the legendary progressive fusion records of all time. Niacin’s current release Organik has just been released in Japan and in the States and has already been picked by Jazziz Magazine as instrumental fusion record of the year 2006
Novello has also composed the score for the feature film, Au Pair, released in Europe and spent three months in Russia where he served as musical technical consultant and coach on the feature film Red Hot starring Donald Sutherland. John is currently scoring the music for the film The Pardon based on the true story of the only female to be put to death in Louisiana by electric chair - to be released early in 2008. Constantly reinventing himself, John teamed up with veteran producer/hit songwriter Andy Goldmark and created Novello B3 Soul which is a new contemporary jazz/hip hop project bring John back to his funk blues roots. Novello B3 Soul will be released March 2009 as a joint venture on NuGroove/NoGo records!
1. Show Me The Honey
2. B3 Soul
3. Baila
4. The Groove Suite Theme
5. On the Way To Havana
6. Candlelight
7. Liquid Soul
8. Salt And Pepper
9. Say You Like It
10. Apologize (feat. Eric Marienthal)
11. Feelin' The Beat
12. Funny Money
13. Love And Happiness
Bonus tracks:
14. TransXpress
15. The Message 2008 (feat. Jevon McGlory)

John Novello - all Instruments, arranger, programming
Eric Marienthal - alto saxophone
Jeff Nathanson - tenor saxophone
Bill Sharpe - bass
Billy Ingram Jr. - drum programming
Jevon McGlory - vocals, rap, drum programming
Carmel Helene - background vocals
Andy Goldmark - background vocals 


Oct 10, 2012

Riff Raff - Riff Raff (1973)

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1. Your World
2. For Every Dog
3. Little Miss Drag
4. Dreaming
5. Times Lost
6. You Must Be Joking

7. La Même Chose

Tommy Eyre - organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, 6 & 12-string guitars, flutes, vocals
Roger Sutton - Fretless Fender bass, double bass, 6 & 12-string guitars, vocals
Pete Kirtley - Fender Telecaster guitar, vocals
Aureo De Souza - drums, percussion
Bud Beadle - saxophones


Oct 9, 2012

Light Of Darkness - Light Of Darkness (1971, 1998)

EAC | CD Image | WV+CUE+LOG+Covers | 290 mb+3% recovery

The little-known Scottish band Light of Darkness consisted of Mike Reoch (bass, flute, piano, harmonica), Byron Grant (guitars, fiddle), John Latimer (vocals, piano, organ, percussion), and German drummer Manfred Bebert. They were based in Hamburg, Germany, and their only record was released by the German label Phillips in 1970. This self-titled debut album is in a kind-of progressive blues-rock style, highlighted by Latimer's odd voice and an energetic cover of Tony Joe White's "Soul Francisco." However, critics at that time dismissed the record as being directionless; the record-buying public ignored the LP and after a couple of concerts, Light of Darkness disbanded. Today, their only recording has become a minor cult classic and a collector's item. Unfortunately, the bandmembers disappeared and never recorded again. Before Light of Darkness, both Reoch and Grant had been in a band called Mike Reoch and the Tremors (together with Dennis Morrison and Don Stuart), and released an album called "Internationale Evergreens" on Elite Special in the 1960s.
1. Movin' Along
2. Love In Your Heart
3. Ain't No Place Where I Belong
4. Soul Francisco
5. Freedom Fight
6. Time
7. Down 'n' Out

John Latimer - vocals, piano, organ, percussion
Mike Reoch - bass, flute, piano, harmonica
Byron Grant - guitars, fiddle
Manfred Bebert - drums 


Oct 7, 2012

System - System (1974)

HQ Vinyl rip | FLAC TRACKS+LP Covers | 361 mb+3% recovery

System is psychedelic rock band from Denmark. They released their self-titled album in 1974. Any info and album is extremely hard to find and rare.
1. Red Man
2. Never Knowing
3. Experience, My Teacher
4. While Nixon Plays The Piano
5. Come On
6. Biggan, Be Gone
7. I'll Take You
8. Winther's Over

Brian Burr-Philipp - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar
Jørgen Werner - lead and rhythm guitars
Flemming Bjergby - bass and acoustic guitar
Rene Wulff  - drums and percussion


Oct 5, 2012

By request: Pollen - Pollen (1976)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 275 mb+3% recovery


1. Vieux corps de vie d'ange
2. L'étoile
3. L'indien
4. Tout'l temps
5. Vivre la mort
6. La femme ailée

(Jacques) Tom Rivest - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Sylvain Coutu - drums, vibraphone, percussion
Claude Lemay - keyboards, flute, vibraphone, bass, vocals
Richard Lemoyne - electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass


Oct 4, 2012

The Adventures Of Robert Savage - The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol. 1 (1971)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 271 mb+3% recovery

"The Adventures of Robert Savage" is a very obscure psychedelic rock band from the 70's that hailed from California. There is a lot of heavy fuzz guitar here, excellent riffs and far-out solos, that this guy was obviously heavily influenced by the great Jimi Hendrix.
1. Beaver Baby
2. Mike Run
3. Don't Run And Hide
4. A Hard One
5. 7 Days Drunk
6. Save Us From The Cyclops
7. Amy
8. Lonely World
9. Road Apples

Don Parish - vocals, bass
Robert Savage - vocals, guitars
Tommy Richards - drums


Oct 2, 2012

Re-upload by request: Omega - Napot hoztam, csillagot (2004)

EAC | CD Image | FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers | 391 mb+3% recovery

[Live, recorded in 2001]

1. Induló
2. Petróleum lámpa
3. Addig elj!
4. Léna
5. Idörabló
6. Őrültek orája
7. Éjféli koncert
8. Tizezer lépés
9. Nem tudom a neved
10. Gyöngyhajú lány

Kóbor János - lead vocals
Molnár György - guitars
Benkő László - keyboards, backing vocals
Mihály Tamás - bass, backing vocals
Debreczeni Ferenc - drums
Guest musicians:
Gömöri Zsolt - keyboards
Szekeres Tamás - guitar
Demeter György - backing vocals
Vértes Attila - backing vocals


Oct 1, 2012

Stoneground - Stoneground (1971, 2003)

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 264 mb+3% recovery

Stoneground was a rock band formed in 1970 in Concord, California. Originally a trio, Stoneground expanded to a 10-piece band by the time of their eponymous 1971 debut album. The group appeared in two films, Medicine Ball Caravan (1971) and Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972), and released three albums before singer Sal Valentino quit in 1973. Three other band members Cory Lerios, Steve Price and David Jenkins left to form pop group Pablo Cruise. Stoneground continued as an act through 1982, with only Tim Barnes and Annie Sampson remaining from the early incarnation of the band. Barnes and Price led a reformed Stoneground in 2003 and released a studio album the following year. Read more

1. Looking For You
2. Great Change Since I've Been Born
3. Rainy Day In June
4. Added Attraction (Come And See Me)
5. Dreaming Man
6. Stroke Stand
7. Bad News
8. Don't Waste My Time
9. Colonel Chicken Fry
10. Brand New Start

Band members:
Luther Bildt - guitar
John Blakeley - guitar, bass
Lynne Hughes - vocals
Deirdre La Porte - vocals
Michael Mau - drums
Lydia Phillips - vocals
Annie Sampson - vocals
Sal Valentino - vocals
Tim Barnes - guitar, vocals
Pete Sears - piano


Re-upload by request: P2O5 - Vivat Progressio - Pereat Mundus (1978)

EAC | CD Image | WV+CUE+LOG+Covers | 410 mb+5% recovery

P2O5, founded in Wendelstein near Nuremberg in 1970, released their only LP in 1978 on the Brutkasten label which is today in high demand. There is to be heard hard rock with progressive elements and English lyrics. The Brutkasten studio was only modestly equipped, the sound thus could have been better with the corresponding funds. It now appears for the first time as a CD, with two as yet unreleased bonus tracks.
1. Comin' Over Again
2. Morning Of The Ants
3. I Didn't Care
4. Undumufu (All Right)
5. Smash
6. Hangman
7. Step On My Face
8. Memories
Bonus tracks:
9. Hangman (Live)
10. Paradise

Wolfgang Burkhard - keyboards
Konny Hempel - guitar
Helmut Hiebel - vocals, bass
Edwin Lotter - drums
Werner Weiß - vocals