Oct 7, 2012

System - System (1974)

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System is psychedelic rock band from Denmark. They released their self-titled album in 1974. Any info and album is extremely hard to find and rare.
1. Red Man
2. Never Knowing
3. Experience, My Teacher
4. While Nixon Plays The Piano
5. Come On
6. Biggan, Be Gone
7. I'll Take You
8. Winther's Over

Brian Burr-Philipp - vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar
Jørgen Werner - lead and rhythm guitars
Flemming Bjergby - bass and acoustic guitar
Rene Wulff  - drums and percussion



DanP said...

wow, all news to me, thx!

Laurent said...

I only knew this band by reputation, but this album is a nice discover, really great.
I hope that a reissue will see the light, a big thanks for the sharing.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this CD.

Now i'm searching for:

TARGET: Target(1976) - http://orexisofdeath.blogspot.com.br/2007/10/target-target-1976-us-hard-rock.html


TARGET: Captured (1977) - Covers: http://ecover.to/?Module=ViewEntry&ID=392532

You have these albums in lossless



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kobilica said...

Many thanks!I am looking for this rare jewel for a long time...

hanalex said...

Hi Ivo!
Sorry, I don't have these albums. But I remember...

adamus67 said...

Sensory System is psychedelic rock band from Denmark,have in the acquis, two LP's, Danish band, sung in English has their basis in rural rock, and are not that dissimilar from Day of Phoenix, Culpepers Orchard and Midnight Sun. It's a bit more straightforward than these groups, but some fine guitar work, slightly progressive hard rock with good gravelly vocals and interesting multi-part song structures that get quite heavy at times.

[ Released in Germany in 1974 on NOVA(6.22018)with group name shortened to System]
2) WHAT WE ARE(1975) - EMI 6C064 38118

Their first album was partly recorded at Studio Maschen (just outside Hamburg) with the involvement of Achim Reichel. Sensory System played hard rock reminding me of the Alex Harvey Band and James Gang (and countless other "rock" groups, really). Massive amounts of electric guitar, creaky vocals and half-decent songs but never anything outstanding.
First song ,"Red Man" is one of few heaviest songs on album, following hard blues riff. Second song,"Never Knowing" is showing that lead guitarist was also master of his job. This song starts as some Jethro Tull acoustic song, but later becoming like some Led Zeppelin III-ish head banging masterpiece. Influences are recognizable, but you can't say they are copying anyone, they remained unique. "Experience, My Teacher" is awesome blend of funky hard rock and psychedelic rock, giving nice combination. "While Nixon Plays Piano" is great rock tune with funny name, with Blue Cheer tempo, like minded riff and vocals. Solo here is mind blowing, when you hear it, you'll scream. "Come On", is driven by classic rock/hard rock riff and it would fit great in "Hair" soundtrack. "Biggan, Be Gone", which is moody acoustic song. Nice harmonics and lyrics, mellow songs with other hard/psych rock repertoire is always good.
Psychedelic flavor fades out on "I'll Take You", rellying on classic rock riff and offering great solo part.
"Winther's Over" is highest peak of this album. Straight-forward intro starts groovy, and Free-like vocals with good lyrics are forming background for what's coming - and that's one of most trippiest solos you've ever heard ! If everything else is not good for you to download this album, than at least solo part on "Winther's Over" should put you on psychedelic fire.
Alex,thanks for the sharing.

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Hi Hanalex,
the link is dead. Please could you re-up?
Thanx in advance.

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Link renewed

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Thank you very much buddy, excellent everything from the upload quality to Music, Thumb's up! Please Keep doing what you're doing,
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