Nov 24, 2012

Re-re-re-re-post: Beckett - Beckett (1974)

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This self-titled album from UK Prog Rock band "Beckett" was their only album from 1974. They have a huge following in the South Tyneside area of England. It is worth noting that Iron Maiden covered "A Rainbow's Gold", which is featured on the B-Side of their 'Two Minutes To Midnight" single. And a few members of "Beckett" went on to form the band "Back Street Crawler" with the ex-guitarist of 'Free', Paul Kossoff.

1. Once Upon A Time... The End
2. Rolling Thunder
3. Rainclouds
4. Life's Shadow
5. New Dawn Chorus
6. A Rainbow's Gold
7. Don't Tell Me I Wasn't Listening
8. Green Grass Green
9. My Lady
10. True Life Story

The Band:
Arthur Ramm - guitar
Frankie Gibbon - bass
Terry Wilson-Slesser - vocals
Kenny Mountain - guitar
Keith Fisher - drums



Rogerio M. Schiarach said...

This one I have, downloaded from Boyz many times ago....(In the 2nd re upload, kkkk) Very good album.....

DanP said...

oh yeah, really nice album, I probably first heard it from here!

Laurent said...

I have the original LP, and in my memory this is not an unforgettable album, but when i see a re-re-re-re-post perhaps i must reconsider my point of view.
My memory often playing tricks on me, perhaps also i'm more open that 20 years ago. I will re-listen it, thanks for your effort.

Mick said...

I remember watching Beckett play the above track on Whistle Test back in 1974 and very good they were too
They also did track 8

Anonymous said...

File deleted on netkups due to inactivity. Please re-up. Thank you.

hanalex said...

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