Apr 11, 2013

Re-upload by request: Hardin & York - Tomorrow Today (1969)

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The unusual power duo of keyboardist / vocalist Eddie Hardin and drummer Pete York made a few albums in the late '60s and early '70s, and were aptly described as a cross between Traffic and Procol Harum. They leaned closer to Traffic than Procol Harum, with their blend of hard rock, soul, progressive, and jazz influences; the swirl and swell of Hardin's Hammond organ; and Hardin's Stevie Winwood-esque vocals. Read more
1. Tomorrow Today
2. 100 Years From Now
3. I'm Lost
4. Drinking My Wine
5. Candlelight
6. Beautiful Day
7. Mountains Of Sand
8. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
9. Listen Everyone
Extra tracks:
10. All I See Is You
11. Mullberry Place
12. Sunday Morning
13. Rock 'N' Roll Music
14. Can't Find My Way Home
15. Just A Case Of Time

Eddie Hardin - keyboards, vocals
Pete York - drums, percussion
Mel Thorpe - flute, horn, trombone
Vic Flick - guitar
Mike Hurst - guitar
Herbie Flowers - bass



Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks very much - gotta love any comparison to a band as great as Traffic!

DanP said...

Wow, sweet, thanks!!! The live clip is awesome

Anonymous said...

Do you have their albums "Hardin and New York" (1979 or 1981) and "Still a Few Pages Left" (1995)? There seems to be almost no info on the web about these albums, so I guess even an LP rip would be welcome.

hanalex said...

I also don't have this albums...

Emily said...

can i request a repost?
anyone got smallest band?

hanalex said...


here please