Apr 26, 2013

Stretch - Lifeblood (1977)

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1. End Up Crying
2. Knives In Their Backs
3. Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie-Coo
4. Right Or Wrong
5. Show Biz Blues
6. You Can't Beat Your Brain For Entertainment
7. Jonah And The Whale
8. Living On The Highway
9. Take You Down
10. Let's Spend The Night Toghether

Elmer Gantry - lead vocals, 2nd guitar, percussion
Kirby - lead guitar, vocals, percussion
Steve Emery - bass
Jeff Rich - drums, percussion



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much again, you are very kind, take such pains

Greetings Ed

Steve W. said...

PLEASE repost, the link is dead! :-(

hanalex said...

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