May 25, 2013

Santana - The Woodstock Experience (2 CD, 2009)

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The Woodstock Experience (issued by Columbia (Sony) in 2009) is the follow-up to the Legacy Edition of Santana's debut album from 1969. The first disc includes the original studio recordings and the second disc contains the now complete Woodstock gig (the Legacy Edition was missing "Evil Ways").

1. Waiting
2. Evil Ways
3. Shades Of Time
4. Savor
5. Jingo
6. Persuasion
7. Treat
8. You Just Don't Care
9. Soul Sacrifice

Recorded live at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair,
Saturday, August 16, 1969

1. Waiting
2. Evil Ways
3. You Just Don't Care
4. Savor
5. Jingo
6. Persuasion
7. Soul Sacrifice
8. Fried Neck Bones And Some Home Fries

Carlos Santana - guitar
Gregg Rolie - keyboards, vocals
Dave Brown - bass
Mike Carabello - percussion
José Chepitó Areas - percussion
Michael Shrieve - drums


Re-upload by request: Billy Cobham - Total Eclipse (1974)

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Robert Taylor (
This is Billy Cobham's third solo recording under his own name and is a fine follow-up to Crosswinds. The mini-suite "Solarization" not only showcases the band's technical abilities, but also Cobham's strong compositional skills. It also features a schizophrenic piano solo ("Second Phase") from the underrated pianist Milcho Leviev, who sounds like a mutation of Cecil Taylor and Bill Evans. The funky "Moon Germs," on which John Abercrombie is pushed to inspiring new heights, became a Cobham classic. "The Moon Ain't Made of Green Cheese" is a beautiful flugelhorn solo by Randy Brecker backed by Cobham's debut on piano. The band stretches out on the lengthy "Sea of Tranquility," while "Last Frontier" is a gratuitous drum solo. This recording is highly recommended as Cobham still sounds inspired.

1. Solarisation
2. Lunarputians
3. Total Eclipse
4. Bandits
5. Moon Germs
6. The Moon Ain't Made Of Green Cheese
7. Sea Of Tranquillity
8. Last Frontier

Billy Cobham - piano, drums, tympani
Michael Brecker - soprano & tenor saxophones, flute
Randy Brecker - trumpet, flugelhorn
Glenn Ferris - tenor & bass trombones
Alex Blake - electric bass
Milcho Leviev - keyboards
John Abercrombie - guitar
Additional musicians:
Cornell Dupree - guitar
David Earle Johnson - congas
Sue Evans - marimba


May 19, 2013

Inga Rumpf & NDR Big Band - It's A Man's World (1994)

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Inga Rumpf was one of the best-known German R&B singers. Her voice often drew comparisons to Janis Joplin, but Rumpf was able to develop her own unique vocal style. Catapulted to stardom in the ‘70s with her band Frumpy, she released a number of highly acclaimed solo works in the ‘80s and ‘90s and came to be regarded as the grand old lady of German R&B. Whereas other German female vocalists such as Nina Hagen faded away over time, Rumpf consequently followed her path and never compromised herself artistically (unlike her ex-bandmate Udo Lindenberg, whose creativity died down by the end of the ‘80s when he started putting out lightweight pop). Read more
1. Way To Heaven
2. Unchain My Heart
3. Still Got The Blues
4. The Good Things
5. It's A Man's World
6. Friends
7. Hot Summer Night
8. It's Like Driving
9. How Do You Stop
10. Toothbrush
11. Like A Ship
12. The Blues Don't Get Tired Of Me
13. Jumping Jack Flash


Widowmaker - Straight Faced Fighters [2 CD] (2002)

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Widowmaker were a British hard rock group, who were active from 1975 to 1977. They were considered by many to be a supergroup and released two albums. Although their influences appeared to offer vast creative possibilities, musical and personality differences led to their break-up. The legacy of Widowmaker is captured on the compilation Straight Faced Fighters (2002) released by Castle, which contains tracks from both of their albums...

CD 1: Widowmaker (1976)
1. Such A Shame
2. Pin A Rose On Me
3. On The Road
4. Straight Faced Fighter
5. Ain't Telling You Nothing
6. When I Met You
7. Leave The Kids Alone
8. Shine A Light on Me
9. Running Free
10. Got A Dream

CD2: Live At Paris Theatre, London (1976)
1. Come On Up
2. Such A Shame
3. Too Late
4. El Doomo
5. Ain't Telling You Nothing
6. When I Met You
From the album "Too Late To Cry" (1977)
7. Too Late To Cry
8. The Hustler
9. Here Comes The Queen
10. Something I Can Do Without
11. Sign The Papers
12. Pushing And Pulling

Steve Ellis - vocals
Ariel Bender (Luther Grosvenor) - guitar
Huw Lloyd Langton - guitar
Bob Daisley - bass
Paul Nichols - drums
John Butler - vocals

Original release: bobo59


May 9, 2013

Trúbrot - Mandala (1972)

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Trúbrot were an Icelandic psychedelic/progressive rock band active in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Read more
1. Mandala
2. My Freind & I
3. Down By The Water
4. Coming Your Way
5. Drifting
6. Rise And Shine
7. Today
8. Mr. Moonshine
9. Pleasant Daydreams
10. All I Wanna Do
11. Scezio Pan

Shady Owens - vocals
Gunnar Þórðarson - guitar, flute, vocals
Karl Sighvatsson - organ, piano
Rúnar Júlíusson - vocals, bass
Gunnar Jökull Hákonarson - drums, vocals
Magnús Kjartansson - piano, organ, vocals
Ólafur Garðarsson - drums


May 8, 2013

Rain - Rain (1972)

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The Acid Archives:
''A fascinating blend of soft pop, folky psych and early prog… the songs are brief and highly melodic. All are memorable and creatively composed. This is a great record''

1. Can You Help Me Sing My Song?
2. To A Dreamer
3. Mother's Evil Child
4. Love Me Still
5. All Your Days Are Long
6. Let Our Hopes Run Our Dreams
7. Song To Barbara
8. You Take Me Higher
9. He Could Have Known
10. As I Played My Song (For You)

Frank Schallis - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar
Cobb Bussinger - keyboards, synthesizer
Michael Kennedy - lead guitar, vocals
Ric Criniti - bass, vocals


Re-upload by request: Panthéon - Orion (1972)

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1. Daybreak
2. Anaïs
3. Apocalyps

4. The Madman
5. Orion
Bonus tracks:
6. I Want To Know
7. Masturbation
8. Anaïs [single version]

Ruud Woutersen - organ, spinet, piano, ARP synthesizer, vocals
Albert Veldkamp - electric guitar, bass guitar
Hans Boer - flute, saxophone, vocals
Rob Verhoeven - drums, percussion


May 5, 2013

Re-upload by request: Blindstone - Rise Above (2010)

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"Rise Above", the beyond excellent third studio disc by this outstanding, bad-ass, killer power trio "riff:machine" from Denmark, features 10 tracks (58 minutes) of powerful, hard-hitting, groove-induced, soul-powered, bluesy heavy guitar three piece rock of world-class proportions. From start to finish, an amazing display of incredible, blues-based guitar heavy riffage.
1. Rise Above
2. Power Man
3. Keep The Rock Alive
4. Climbing Up The Ladder
5. New Direction

6. Horizontal Activity
7. Sonic Motor King
8. Wiser
9. House Burning Down
10. Beyond The Purple Sky

Martin J. Andersen - guitar & vocals
Jesper Bunk - bass
Anders Hvidtfeldt - drums
Special guest: Ty Tabor - heavy guitar


May 4, 2013

Re-upload by request: Blindstone - Freedom's Calling (2008)

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Phenomenal, long-awaited, second studio disc by this amazing, bluesy/funky, soul-powered, heavy guitar power trio from Denmark, features 11 tracks of mega-awesome beyond belief, mind-blowing, Classic, deep, dynamic, retro-70s riffage/grooves that will trip your brain and rock your world. Includes a mind-blowing, killer Frank Marino cover jam featuring special guest Lance Lopez. Freedom s Calling is a Remarkable bluesy heavy guitar musical statement of monumental proportions that also spreads a positive message about the world around us.
1. Freedom's Calling
2. Can't Be With You
3. Fear
4. Good Time
5. She's So Pretty
6. Sugar Room
7. Waste A Little Time On Me
8. I'd Quit
9. Hang Onto My Love
10. Had Enough
11. Freedom's Calling (Slight Return)

Martin J. Andersen - guitar & vocals
Jesper Bunk - bass
Anders Hvidfeldt - drums
Guest: Lance Lopez - guitar (Had Enough)


Re-upload by request: Blindstone - Manifesto (2005)

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Debut studio disc from BLINDSTONE (a super-sonic, way-kool power trio from Denmark) featuring 10 tracks of mega-awesome, powerful, dynamic, killer, bluesy/funky, soul-powered, retro-70 s heavy guitar power trio rock that cuts hard and deep with tons of groove, feel & vibe. Manifesto is an amazing, classic, timeless bluesy heavy guitar statement. The BLINDSTONE: Manifesto disc is HIGHLY recommended to fans of JIMI HENDRIX (tune into their awesome version of Are You Experienced), ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, TOMMY BOLIN, EDDIE HAZEL (FUNKADELIC), KING'S X, RICHIE KOTZEN, STEVIE SALAS, LANCE LOPEZ and to people who dig awesome, hard, funky power trio rock with an emphasis on outstanding bluesy heavy guitar riffage...
1. Groovin'
2. Temple Trippin'

3. Sleeping Alone
4. Are You Experienced?
5. Somewhere
6. Say It Ain't So
7. By Grabthar's Hammer...
8. Wasted days
9. Unifunk (It's Time)
10. Open Up Your Heart

Martin Andersen - guitar and vocals
Jesper Bunk - bass
Benjamin Hove - drums


May 3, 2013

Valhalla - Valhalla (1969)

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1. Hard Times
2. Conceit
3. Ladies In Waiting
4. I'm Not Askin'
5. Deacon
6. Heads Are Free
7. Roof Top Man
8. JBT
9. Conversation
10. Overseas Symphony

Rick Ambrose - bass, vocals
Bob Huling - percussion, vocals
Don Krantz - guitar
Eddie Livingston - drums
Mark Mangold - keyboards, vocals