Jun 30, 2013

Re-post: Takáts Tamás Dirty Blues Band - Pocsolyába Léptem [Best Of] (2000)

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The band members are: Takáts Tamás (vocal, guitar, harmonica) Gál Gábor (guitar) Patyi Sándor (bass guitar) Mike Zsolt (drums) The Takáts Tamás Blues Band was formed in 1990. In 1991 the first record was released with the title Dirty Blues Band 1. This English language record contained 11 re-makes of songs from famous Blues producers from 1930 to the 1990. It has always been characteristic for The Blues band that they find the correct tone with the audience no matter of weather they preformed in small clubs, outdoor festivals or few thousands people large stage productions. The musicians have not only proved their talent but have also proved the truth that there will always be demand for music played by real musicians on real instruments accompanied by a singer who is using is own real voice . It has provided acknowledgement to the band that throughout the years they have preformed as a pre-band for many famous international bands performing in Hungary. These include: Bryan May( Queen), Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) , Eric Burdon (Animals) , John Mayall , James Brown. The Dirty Blues Band was the first European band to be the pre-band of Rolling Stones. After the numerous concerts of the past years (from which a few stand out like: Sziget festival from 1992 every year till now, 1997 Vienna central and eastern European cultural festival, 2002 Puistoblues Festival, Finland) in 2008 October the newest CD was released with the title : Ébredj fel!
1. U.F.O.-t lát a Yeti
2. U.F.O.
3. Indulok tovább
4. Szerelem
5. Tokaj
6. Kis U.F.O.
7. Zakatol a vonat
8. Politikus
9. Country
10. Szegény ember blues
11. Kemény kézzel
12. Húzom az igát
13. Megöl a vágy
14. Pocsolyába léptem
15. Rolling Stones
16. Laza kapcsolat
17. Ha újra itt volnál


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