Jun 30, 2013

SBB - Nowy Horyzont (1975, rem. 2004)

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SBB is acclaimed as the best Polish rock band of the past 45 years. "The three musicians that revolutionized Polish rock", "Beyond doubt the most prominent representatives of progressive rock in Poland": it is only a mere sample of the way the band has been referred to. A complete list of references and opinions would be far too long to quote. Yet apart from the groups formidable and praiseworthy history one must not forget that SBB is in the first place an active band, far from being dormant, regularly giving live performances and shunning to choose a soft option as far as music is concerned. Invariably Seeking, Breaking and Building.
1. Na pierwszy ogień
2. Błysk
3. Nowy horyzont
4. Ballada o pięciu głodnych
5. Wolność z nami
Bonus tracks:
6. Xeni
7. Penia
8. Dyskoteka
9. Na pierwszy ogień

Józef Skrzek - bass, piano, organ, vocal
Antymos Apostolis - guitar
Jerzy Piotrowski - drums


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adamus67 said...

SBB debut studio album filled with recordings of radio sessions from autumn 1974, some worked in the studio... the piano overdub switches between songs.

It is an album specifically, records a transitional period in the history of the band. That Skrzek and company are able to improvise brilliantly in three, has already proven among the band's first album, recorded entirely live. Now the in four walls of college guys learn how they unleashed improvisations included in some formal scores, and discipline them enough to enrich the Studio form.

In a series of remastered CD edition of the „Nowy horyzont” enriched several additional recordings. Three of them come from the sessions for the Polish Radio Gdańsk, in the year 1975 are compositions of a team, a rather random, at least partially improvised nature. "Xenia" sounds a bit kraut rock, there is something associated with the early recordings of Can: trance drum beat, strong bass foundation and expressive, very long, improvised guitar solo electric guitar. Very likewise fall out „Dyskoteka”: the guitar and bass guitar is even more insistent, distorted, expressive. A little quieter, a little meditation is "Penia".

@Alex,thanks for the popularization of Polish music of the seventies, on your blog!
Yours sincerely,