Oct 24, 2013

Re-upload by request: Jericho - Jericho (1972, 2010)

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This Israeli band (with British vocalist/guitarist) started as The Churchills and released the mind-blowing, psychedelic 1968 LP and some fine singles. In 1971 they moved to England, changed their name to Jericho Jones and recorded guitar-dominated and truly great heavy rock LP Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys. In 1972 they has shortened their name to Jericho and released fantastic, eponymous album - the real gem of the heavy progressive era! Two shorter songs and three extended tracks make up the album. It was high-octane rock with plenty of heavy rtffing and extended, driving guitar solos, screaming vocals & thunderous drumming, but also with numerous tempo changes and typical, progressive arrangements. Unfortunately, shordy after the last single (released in November 1972) the band split up.
1. Ethiopia
2. Don't You Let Me Down
3. Featherbed

4. Justin And Nova
5. Kill Me With Your Love
Bonus tracks:
6. Mamma's Gonna Take You Home
7. So Come On

Danny Shoshan - lead singer
Haim Romano - lead guitar
Robb Huxley - guitar
Michael Gabrielle - bass
Ami Trierbach - drums



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Hi Hanalex,

Could you re-upload "Rockerbox" by Chillwack ?

Your second offering from last year is on a foreign-language site and it doesn't seem to work even after I translate it to English!


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Спасибо за отличный альбом! Оказалось, что у меня его не было. Давно знаю, а вот сложить в закрома не удосужился... Видимо, прошляпил...

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THIS is a hot album...

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Бывает... А альбом действительно отличный.