Feb 18, 2014

Quiver ‎- Gone In The Morning (1972)

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1. Dorset
2. I Know You So Well
3. Green Tree
4. Love, No Boundaries
5. I Might Stumble
6. Gone In The Morning
7. Fung-Kee Laundry
8. She's A Lady
9. Don't Let Go

Tim Renwick - guitars, banjo, recorders, vocals
Cal Batchelor - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Bruce Thomas - bass, harmonica
Willie Wilson - drums, chimes, percussion


By request: Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show - Doctor Hook (1971)

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Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show was a pop-country rock band formed around Union City, New Jersey in 1969. Although they're best known for their hit single "The Cover of the Rolling Stone," their other top ten hits include "Sylvia's Mother," "When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman," and "Sexy Eyes." In addition to their own originals, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show performed songs written by poet Shel Silverstein, of children's book fame...
1. Sylvia's Mother
2. Marie Lavaux
3. Sing Me A Rainbow
4. Hey, Lady Godiva
5. Four Years Older Than Me
6. Kiss It Away
7. Makin' It Natural
8. I Call That True Love
9. When She Cries
10. Judy
11. Mama, I'll Sing One Song For You

Ray Sawyer - guitar, vocals
George Cummings - guitar
Billy Francis - keyboards
Dennis Locorriere - bass, vocals
Jay David - drums, vocals


Feb 17, 2014

KKB [Bruce Kulick / Mike Katz / Guy Bois] - KKB (1974)

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1. I'll Never Take You Back
2. My Baby
3. You've Got A Hold On Me
4. Tryin' To Find A Way
5. Someday
6. You Won't Be There

7. To Be Free
8. You Won't Be There (Alternate jam take)

Bruce Kulick - guitars
Mike Katz - bass, vocals
Guy Bois - drums


Feb 16, 2014

Granny’s Intentions [feat. Gary Moore] - Honest Injun (1970)

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 Caught between the cusp of two eras; homespun earthiness melding with Blues orientated rock that would flourish in the 70s, "Honest Injun" is closer to Sherwood Forest than the Mississippi Delta. Both a period piece and a collectors' item, the release of "Honest Injun" by Granny's Intention will no doubt be of immense interest to Gary Moore/Thin Lizzy fans. For such a well-chronicled musician, little information is available on Granny's Intentions, with whom Gary made his recording debut at the age of 17. Featuring the fantastic talent of Gary Moore on guitar, this classic album also boasts Neil Bridgeman of Skid Row on drums, and the legendary Johnny Duhan on vocals, who went on to become a major songwriter in his own right, penning the worldwide multi-million selling "The Voyage" which was released by Christy Moore.

1. Maybe
2. We Both Need To Know*
3. Good Eye*
4. Fifty Years On*
5. Susan Of The Country*
6. Rise Then Fall*
7. With Salty Eyes, Dirty Lies*
8. Fourthskin Blues*
9. Nutmeg, Bitter-Sweet
10. I'm Going
11. Heavy Loaded Minds*

* featuring Gary Moore

Pat Nash - drums
Pete Cummins - bass, flute, whistle (human)
John Ryan - piano, organ, harpsichord
Johnny Duhan - vocals
Johnny Hockedy - guitar, mandolin
Gary Moore - guitar
Noel Bridgeman - drums

Original uploader - Thrasher


Feb 1, 2014

The Sweet & The Pipkins (1974, 2011)

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The Sweet:
1. The Lollipop Man
2. Time
3. All You'll Ever Get From Me
4. The Juicer
5. Get On The Line
6. Mr. McGallagher
7. Slow Motion
8. It's Lonely Out There
9. Questions
10. I'm On My Way
11. The Spider
12. My Little Girl From Kentucky

The Pipkins:
13. Gimme Dat Ding
14. Yakety Yak
15. The People That You Wanna Phone Ya'
16. My Baby Loves Lovin'
17. Busy Line
18. Sunny Honey Girl
19. To Love You (single version)

20. Sugar & Spice