Mar 29, 2015

Michael Quatro - Dancers, Romancers, Dreamers & Schemers (1976) [Vinyl-rip, 24-192]


1. Children Of Tomorrow
2. Stripper
3. One By One
4. Rollerbach
5. Circus
6. Ancient Ones
7. Pure Chopin
8. Adagio
9. Touch Of Class

Kirk Arthur - drums
Tim Bogert - vocals
Teddy Hale - guitar
Lynn Kishkon - vocals
Dave Kiswiney - bass, vocals
Ray Parker, Jr.  - guitar
Michael Quatro - keyboards, vocals
David Surkamp - vocals
Bobby Womack - guitar

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Mar 23, 2015

The Asylum Choir - Look Inside (1968)


1. Welcome to Hollywood
2. Soul Food
3. Icicle Star Tree
4. Death Of The Flowers
5. Indian Style
6. Episode Containing 3 Songs:
N.Y. Op, Land Of Dog, Mr. Henri The Clown
7. Thieves In The Choir
8. Black Sheep Boogaloo
Bonus mono single versions:
9. Soul Food
10. Welcome To Hollywood
11. Icicle Star Tree
12. Indian Style

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Mar 11, 2015

Ron Nagle - Bad Rice (1970) [By request]


1. 61 Clay
2. Marijuana Hell
3. Frank's Store
4. Party in L.A.
5. That's What Friends Are For
6. Dolores
7. Capricorn Queen
8. Sister Cora
9. Somethin's Gotta Give Now
10. Family Style
11. House Of Mandia

Ron Nagle - keyboards, vocals
John Blakeley - guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Brad Sexton - bass
George Rains - drums
Jim Barnett, Sal Valentino - backing vocals

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Mar 10, 2015

Rebecca And The Sunny Brook Farmers - Birth (1969)


1. Oh Gosh (Running Through The Forest)
2. Two Blind Sisters
3. David & Sally
4. Love
5. Endless Trip
6. Better Dead Than Red
7. All These Ties
8. What Do You Think Of The War?
9. Ma-Ma
10. Ghost

Mickey Kapner - guitar, organ, sitar, backing vocals
Ilene Rappaport - guitar, recorder, harmonica, lead and backing vocals
Clifford Mandell - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Ilene Novog - viola, harpsichord, backing vocals
Ernie Eremita - bass guitar, backing vocals
Ki-Ki - lead and backing vocals

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Mar 9, 2015

The Who - BBC Sessions 1965-73 (MCA 1999) + Live At The BBC 1967-70 (Polydor Germany 2000)

Review by Richie Unterberger
A fine compilation of 1965-73 BBC performances, the majority of the tracks hailing from 1965-67, although some are drawn from 1970 and 1973. As one of the best live bands ever, the Who as expected come through pretty well in the live-in-the-studio environment, although the arrangements usually stick close to the records. Most of the songs were done by the group for studio releases as well, but there are a few covers that they never put on their albums or singles at the time, making this essential for the fan. Those numbers include the obscure James Brown tune "Just You and Me, Darling," "Dancing in the Street," ""Good Lovin'," and "Leaving Here" (although a mid-1960s studio version of that last song was eventually released). Of the other tracks, particularly worthwhile are "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere," with its extensive feedback solo, quite a challenge to do live in May 1965; "The Good's Gone," which has a fuzz solo not on the studio version; and the 1970 performance of "Shakin' All Over," which might be the best rendition of that concert staple that they ever did. This does not have a few BBC songs that have shown up on bootlegs; particularly unfortunate exclusions are "So Sad About Us," "Summertime Blues," and their 1966 cover of the Everly Brothers' "Man with Money."

Disc 1:   
1. My Generation 0:59
2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere 2:44
3. Good Lovin' 1:50
4. Just You And Me, Darling 2:02
5. Leaving Here 2:35
6. My Generation 3:24
7. The Good's Gone 2:59
8. La-La Lies 2:26
9. Substitute 3:28
10. Dancing In The Street 2:24
11. Disguises 3:45
12. I'm A Boy 2:39
13. Run Run Run 3:17
14. Boris The Spider 2:47
15. Happy Jack 2:10
16. See My Way 1:50
17. Pictures Of Lily 2:35
18. A Quick One, While He's Away 7:01
19. Substitute 2:14
20. The Seeker 3:06
21. I'm Free 2:24
22. Shakin' All Over 3:06
23. The Relay 5:16
24. Long Live Rock 3:56
25. Boris The Spider 0:10

Bonus Disc 2:   
1. Interview Townshend Talks "Tommy"
2. Pinball Wizard
3. See Me, Feel Me
4. I Don't Even Know Myself
5. I Can See For Miles
6. Heaven And Hell
7. The Seeker
8. Summertime Blues

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Mar 8, 2015

Sir Douglas Quintet - The Sir Douglas Quintet Is Back! 1964-1966 (2000)

Review by Richie Unterberger
This and Beat Rocket's companion reissue of the 1966 The Best of Sir Douglas Quintet album seem to gather most or all of what the group recorded for Tribe in the mid-'60s. Seems simple enough, but it's cause for rejoicing among '60s collectors, considering that this back catalog had somehow eluded the marketplace for more than 30 years prior to these two sets. If you're looking to choose one over the other, The Best of would get the nod for its inclusion of their only two Tribe hits: ("She's About a Mover" and "The Rains Came"). However, the various flop singles and outtakes comprising The Sir Douglas Quintet Is Back! are about equal in quality to the sister volume, with the same invigorating, erratic combination of British Invasion, Cajun, blues, soul, country, and even folk-rock. Certainly "In Time," a minor-key Sahm original with echoes of the Animals and the Zombies, and "Blues Pass Me By," a grand illustration of Sahm's stature as one of the finest white soul-rock vocalists ever, rate among their finer moments. Another Sahm original, "She Digs My Love," has astonishing fluttering blues-rock guitar licks that sound a hell of a lot like Jimi Hendrix -- although Hendrix had yet to release records under his own name when it came out. According to the liner notes, their debut 1964 single "Sugar Bee" preceded the Beatles' "She's a Woman" by several months, boasting a very similar riff and rhythm. It does make you wonder whether some of rock's giants somehow managed to borrow some ideas from Sir Douglas Quintet singles that very few people heard. At times the material on this disc can be perfunctory, but the mix of so many elements in one band (and sometimes in one song) are seldom less than interesting.

1. Sugar Bee (Eddie Shuler) 2:21
2. Love Don't Treat Me Fair (Doug Sahm) 1:33
3. You Got Me Hurtin' (Donald Mask) 2:14
4: We'll Never Tell  (A. Meyers-J. Schneider) 2:02
5. Oh, What A Mistake! (Phillip Boudreaux) 2:20
6. She Digs My Love (Doug Sahm) 2:48
7. When I Sing The Blues (Doug Sahm) 2:32
8. The Story Of John Handy (Doug Sahm) 2:41
9. In Time (Doug Sahm) 2:17
10. Old Bill Beatty (Doug Sahm) 1:54
11. Isabella (John Getz) 2:35
12. Blues Pass Me By (Doug Sahm) 2:55
13. Wine, Wine, Wine 
(Allday-Daboub-Haufler-Shine-Swartz) 2:16
14. She's Gotta Be Boss (Doug Sahm) 2:10

(2000 Sundazed/BeatRocket #124 Mono) 

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Mar 7, 2015

Sir Doug & The Texas Tornados - Texas Rock For Country Rollers (1976 / 1997)

Review by Eugene Chadbourne
Upon original release, Texas Rock for Country Rollers was credited to Sir Doug and the Texas Tornados. Little did anyone know how much confusion this might eventually create when years later Sahm formed a new band called the Texas Tornados with a nucleus of himself and several other musical legends from that state, only one of whom appears on this album, other than Sahm himself. That would be Augie Meyers, a regular sidekick of Sahm's from the Sir Douglas Quintet, so what is the reason that this isn't simply identified as a Sir Douglas Quintet album? Only the fact that there are at least six players present on the tracks, but funny, simple math never stopped Sahm from doing anything sensible before. In terms of presentation, attitude, and musical direction, this is pretty much a Sir Douglas Quintet-type affair, is definitely not a record by what would become the Texas Tornados, and includes at least three genuine classics such as the beautiful "Give Back the Key to My Heart," later to be redone by the band Uncle Tupelo. Good playing and better vibes abound but there is the feeling that somebody was asleep at the wheel, in that some of the best tracks simply fade out right in the middle of an important chorus. Why would a producer do this, unless there was some problem in the track that they couldn't stand to let anyone hear? An album most Sahm fans will want to own, and one in the could-have-been-a-contender category.

1. I Love The Way You Love (Atwood Allen) 5:17
2. Cowboy Peyton Place (Doug Sahm) 3:35
3. Give Me Back The Key To My Heart (Doug Sahm) 2:51
4. Wolverton Mountain (Merle Kilgore / Claude King) 2:30
5. Texas Ranger Man (Doug Sahm) 3:24
6. Float Away (Doug Sahm) 2:38
7. I'm Missing You (Doug Sahm) 3:02
8. Gene Thomas Medley: Sometimes / Cryin' Inside (Gene Tomasson) 2:41
9. Country Groove (Doug Sahm) 2:21
10. You Can't Hide A Redneck (Under That Hippy Hair) (Doug Sahm) 3:55

George Rains - drums
Jack Barber - bass
Atwood G. Allen - rhythm guitar, vocals
Harry Hess - steel and slide guitar, harp
Doug Sahm - guitar, piano, fiddle, vocals
Augie Meyers - piano, Vox and Hammond organs
Uncle Mickey Moody - acoustic guitar

(1997 Edsel Records #EDCD 535) 

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Mar 6, 2015

Jo Mama - Jo Mama (1970)

Jo Mama signed to Atlantic and recorded this self-titled LP in 1970 followed by "J Is for Jump" in 1971. Abigale Haness sang leads on most tracks. One of Carole Kings husbands, Charley Larkey, played bass. Abigale did background vocals on Carole Kings first album "Writer" as well as Kings "Music" & "Wrap Around Joy." She also sang on Kate Taylors self-titled debut & brother James Taylors "One Man Dog." Danny Kootch aka Danny Kortchmar, who played with James Taylor on his early albums, played lead guitar. Carole King sang backup vocals on this disc which was produced by Peter Asher. The group may not have sold a huge quantity of albums, but it did develop a strong and devoted following that loved its blend of jazz and rock.
1. Machine Gun Kelly
2. Midnight Rider

3. Searching High, Searching Low
4. Lighten Up, Tighten Up
5. Venga Venga
6. Sailing
7. Great Balls Of Fire
8. The Sky Is Falling
9. The Word Is Goodbye
10. Check Out This Gorilla
11. Cotton Eyed Joe
12. Love'll Get You High

The Band:
Joel Bishop O'Brian - drums, vibes
Ralph Shuckett - keyboards, vocals
Abigail Haness - vocals
Danny Kootch - guitar, vocals, congas
Charles Larkey - bass

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Mar 3, 2015

Junipher Greene - Communication (Vinyl rip, 1973)


1. Communication
2. Standby
3. Biscuit
4. Sunlight
5. Talk Is A Bird
6. If You Can Hear The Blackbird Sing
7. Reflections
8. Play On Stranger
9. 1, After Midnight

Helge Grøslie - keyboards, vocals
Bent Åserud - guitar, flute, vocals
Øyvind Vilbo - bass
Geir Bøhren - drums, vocals
Freddy Dahl - vocals, guitar

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Poobah - Steamroller (1979) [Re-post by request]

1. Jump Thru The Golden Ring
2. Integrated Circuit
3. You Don't Love Me
4. She's That Kind Of Lover

5. Steamroller
6. Atom Bomb
7. Frustration
8. Don't Change
9. Rock And Roll
10. Mr. Destroyer (Live)
11. You Don't Love Me (Live)
12. Jump Thru The Golden Ring (Live)
13. Steamroller (Live)

Phil Jones - bass, vocals
Jim Gustafson - guitar, lead vocals
Judd Gaylord - drums

EAC | FLAC TRACKS+CUE+LOG+Covers | 585 mb+3% recovery