Mar 6, 2015

Jo Mama - Jo Mama (1970)

Jo Mama signed to Atlantic and recorded this self-titled LP in 1970 followed by "J Is for Jump" in 1971. Abigale Haness sang leads on most tracks. One of Carole Kings husbands, Charley Larkey, played bass. Abigale did background vocals on Carole Kings first album "Writer" as well as Kings "Music" & "Wrap Around Joy." She also sang on Kate Taylors self-titled debut & brother James Taylors "One Man Dog." Danny Kootch aka Danny Kortchmar, who played with James Taylor on his early albums, played lead guitar. Carole King sang backup vocals on this disc which was produced by Peter Asher. The group may not have sold a huge quantity of albums, but it did develop a strong and devoted following that loved its blend of jazz and rock.
1. Machine Gun Kelly
2. Midnight Rider

3. Searching High, Searching Low
4. Lighten Up, Tighten Up
5. Venga Venga
6. Sailing
7. Great Balls Of Fire
8. The Sky Is Falling
9. The Word Is Goodbye
10. Check Out This Gorilla
11. Cotton Eyed Joe
12. Love'll Get You High

The Band:
Joel Bishop O'Brian - drums, vibes
Ralph Shuckett - keyboards, vocals
Abigail Haness - vocals
Danny Kootch - guitar, vocals, congas
Charles Larkey - bass

FLAC TRACKS | Covers | 552 mb incl. 3% recovery



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