Apr 10, 2015

Coney Hatch - Coney Hatch (1982)


1. Devil's Deck
2. You Ain't Got Me
3. Stand Up
4. No Sleep Tonight
5. Love Poison
6. We Got The Night
7. Hey Operator
8. I'll Do The Talkin'
9. Victim Of Rock
10. Monkey Bars
11. Dreamland

Carl Dixon - lead vocals, guitar and piano
Andy Curran - lead vocals and bass
Steve Shelski - lead guitar, Hammond organ, piano and vocals
Dave Ketchum - drums

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progDeaf gerEars said...

Thanks man,great band,
Solidfiles work fast 4 me ;-)

Tanktop said...

Thanks for sharing this, Alex:)
Saw these guys at The Knob Hill Tavern, back in the day. They really shook things up!
By far the craziest song is "Monkey Bars"; Kim Mitchell (from the band, Max Webster) is literally all over it!!

Happy Easter:)

kobilica said...

This album is worth pickin up.Good rock band from that time.Thank you...

ReeferMadness said...

I don't know this group. Thanks so much for the discovery

Sergey said...

Огромное спасибо! Один из любимых альбомов.