Jan 28, 2016

Procol Harum - Shine On Brightly (1968) + Broken Barricades (1971)

Shine On Brightly (1968):
1. Quite Rightly So
2. Shine On Brightly
3. Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)
4. Wish Me Well
5. Rambling On 
6. Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)
7. In Held 'Twas In I:
a).  Glimpses Of Nirvana
b).  'Twas Teatime At The Circus
c).  In The Autumn Of My Madness
d).  Look To Your Soul
e).  Grand Finale

Album credits:
Gary Brooker - lead vocals, piano
Robin Trower - guitar, co-lead vocals
Matthew Fisher - organ, lead vocals, piano
Dave Knights - bass guitar
B.J. Wilson - drums
Keith Reid - lyrics 

Broken Barricades (1971):
8. Simple Sister
9. Broken Barricades
10. Memorial Drive
11. Luskus Delph
12. Power Failure
13. Song For A Dreamer
14. Playmate Of The Mouth
15. Poor Mohammed
Bonus tracks:
16. A White Shade Of Pale
17. Homburg (stereo version)

Album credits:
Gary Brooker - piano and vocals
Chris Copping - hammond organ and bass guitar
Robin Trower - guitar and lead vocals on tracks 6 and 8
BJ Wilson - drums
Keith Reid - words

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Jan 26, 2016

Gentle Giant - King Alfred's College 1971 (2009)

2009 live archive release from the Prog Rock legends. Recorded in 1971 at King Alfred's College, Winchester, the band line-up features Martin Smith on drums. Some of the tracks never featured on studio recordings, making this unique album a vital part of any Gentle Giant collection... 
1. Giant
2. Hometown Special
3. City Hermit
4. Funny Ways
5. Plain Truth
6. Alucard
7. Isn't It Quiet And Cold
8. Why Not
9. The Queen
10. Peel Off The Paint

Gary Green - guitars
Martin Smith - drums
Kerry Minnear - keyboards, cello, vocals
Derek Shulman - vocals
Phil Shulman - sax, trumpet, recorder, vocals 
Ray Shulman - bass, violin, vocals

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Jan 25, 2016

Freeport - Freeport (Vinyl-rip, 1970)


1. It’s A Brand New Morning
2. I Need Your Lovin’
3. Just What You Need
4. What She’s Done
5. Nonsense
6. Old Man
7. Call Yourself The Wind
8. Forty Long Faces
9. Lend A Hand

Roger Lewis - lead guitar, lead vocals
Kevin Raleigh - organ, piano, lead vocals
Craig Holt - bass, vocals
Dennis Stredney - lead guitar, lead vocals
Bill Stalling - drums, percussion, vocals

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Jan 22, 2016

Foghat - Fool For The City (1975) + Night Shift (1976)

Fool For The City (1975):
1. Fool For The City
2. My Babe
3. Slow Ride
4. Terraplane Blues
5. Save Your Loving (For Me)
6. Drive Me Home
7. Take It Or Leave It

Album credits:
Lonesome Dave Peverett - lead vocals, guitar & heavy breathing
Rod "The Bottle" Price - guitar, slide & vocals
Roger Earl - drums & percussion
Nick Jameson - bass, keyboards, guitar & vocals

Night Shift (1976):
8. Drivin' Wheel
9. Don't Run Me Down
10. Burnin' The Midnight Oil
11. Night Shift
12. Hot Shot Love
13. Take Me To The River
14. I'll Be Standing By

Album credits:
Rod Price - lead guitar and backup vocals
Roger Earl - drums and percussion
Craig MacGregor - bass and backup vocals
Dave Peverett - lead vocals and guitar

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Jan 19, 2016

Foghat - Energized (1974) + Rock And Roll Outlaws (1974)

Energized (1974):
1. Honey Hush
2. Step Outside
3. Golden Arrow
4. Home In My Hand
5. Wild Cherry
6. That'll Be The Day
7. Fly By Night
8. Nothin' I Won't Do

Rock And Roll Outlaws (1974):
9. Eight Days On The Road
10. Hate To See You Go
11. Dreamer
12. Trouble In My Way
13. Rock And Roll Outlaw
14. Shirley Jean
15. Blue Spruce Woman
16. Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie

Rod Price - vocals, guitar & slide
Roger Earl - drums
Lonesome Dave - guitar & vocals
Tony Stevens - bass

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Jan 18, 2016

Foghat - Foghat (1972) + Rock 'n' Roll (1973)

Foghat (1972):
1. I Just Want To Make Love To You
2. Trouble, Trouble
3. Leavin' Again (Again!)
4. Fool's Hall Of Fame
5. Sarah Lee
6. Highway (Killing Me)
7. Maybelline
8. A Hole To Hide In
9. Gotta Get To Know You

Rock & Roll (1973): 
10. Ride, Ride, Ride
11. Feel So Bad
12. Long Way To Go
13. It's Too Late
14. What A Shame
15. Helpin' Hand
16. Road Fever
17. She's Gone
18. Couldn't Make Her Stay

Tony Stevens - bass
Rod Price - guitar & slide
Lonesome Dave - guitar & vocals
Roger Earl - drums and percussion

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Jan 14, 2016

Belmondo [Hungary] - Él ilyen - Alien (2006)

Belmondo was founded in Hungary, in the end of 2005 by members of former underground/alter rock bands. The mission statement was to make such pop music, which still allows the musicians to take a look in the mirror. They succeded this notion according to their standards: the band usually characterize the musical result as beat-metal.
Their first song and official video which was released in 2006, very quickly became one of the most often played song in Hungary.
Their basic profile is given mainly by own songs, most of them are very well known hits in Hungarian music era,  although they love to play songs by other artist as well, preferring iconic bands, such as the Beatles.
Belmondo is basicly a real, unadulterated concert band with a truly mature show concept, dotted by playful, spontaneous verbal jokes. During the six years of their existence, they've released four studio albums, severeal singles, twelve video clips, and accomplished countless concerts.
Zoltán Czutor, lead singer of the band was awarded by ARTISJUS „The best lyric writer of the year” in 2011.
In 2012, they've also released a compilation album, called Good, Better, Belmondo, with native, and english lyrics too.
1. Lesz, volt, van
2. Nyugi, megváltozom
3. Jégkrém
4. Mégis remél
5. Egy DJ tönkretett
6. Egy kicsikét
7. Él ilyen
8. Minden nő
9. Száll az énekszó (Light)
10. Hoppá
11. Megszólít a lélek
12. Arra születni kell
13. TV-n kívül
14. Érzem én
15. Száll az énekszó (XXX)

Band members:
Czutor Zoltán - vocal, guitar
Szumper Ádám Ákos - drums
Paczári Viktor - bass
Szabó László - guitar

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Jan 11, 2016

Chetarca [Australia] - Chetarca (1975)

Operating out of Melbourne in the mid-seventies, this band were a sort of Aussie equivalent to Emerson, Lake and Palmer. They only released one 45, "Another Day", but it spent three weeks in the Top 100 peaking at No.75 in September 1975. No other Australian progressive album sounded like this one (which many now consider to be underrated). Musically, it is notable for no guitars - a dual keyboard assault of Andrew Vance (piano, organ) and Bruce Bryan (synthesiser) and Paul Lever's wailing harp and bluesy vocals. Side two is taken up with just one long track "Oceanic Suite".
1. Death Of A Rock And Roll Singer
2. Another Day
3. Diary
4. Chetarca
The Oceanic Suite:
5. 1st movement: The Sea
6. 2st movement: Wet Suit
7. 3st movement: Fisherman's Nightmare
8. Crystal Rainbow Logo

John Rees - bass, violin
Jeff Gallent - drums, percussion
Andrew Vance - keyboards, vocals
Paul Leaver - lead vocals, harmonica, tambourine
Bruce Bryan - synthesizer

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Jan 8, 2016

Thin Lizzy - Thin Lizzy (1971)


1. The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle
2. Honesty Is No Excuse
3. Diddy Levine
4. Ray-Gun
5. Look What The Wind Blew In
6. Éire
7. Return Of The Farmer’s Son
8. Clifton Grange Hotel
9. Saga Of The Ageing Orphan
10. Remembering, Pt. 1
Bonus track:
11. Things Ain’t Workin' Out Down At The Farm

Philip Lynott - vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Eric Bell - lead guitar, twelve-string guitar
Brian Downey - drums, percussion
Additional personnel:
Ivor Raymonde - mellotron on "Honesty Is No Excuse"

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Jan 7, 2016

Excalibur [Germany] - The First Album (1972)

Excalibur were a very British sounding rock trio, though they also had many uniquely German touches and some experimentation, giving them a unique character. Of interest only to those liking the German twist on the hard-rock style. We assume that the guest musician "Gorilla" could be Achim Reichel, and thus "Lemmy" may well be Lemmi Lembrecht, as certainly there's a touch of Achim Reichel eccentricity in some of the instrumentals.
 1. Light In The Dark
2. Get Me If You Want
3. Zamuno
4. Run Through The Past
5. Sure You Win
6. Hollywood Dreams
7. Questions
8. Don't Look Backwards
9. Feelin's

Band members:
Werner Odenkirchen - guitar, vocals
Hartmut Schölgens - organ
Manfred Terstappen - drums
Gorilla - bass
Lemmy - percussion
Hans Lampe - percussion

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Jan 4, 2016

Edward Bear - Edward Bear (Vinyl-rip, 1971)

Edward Bear (named after the real name of literature's Winnie The Pooh) was formed in 1967, initially as a five piece (including two drummers), but after an internal shuffle Evoy took on vocal duties along with his drumming with Marks and Weldon to be a stand alone trio. They struggled through the Yorkville scene in Toronto until finally landing some high profile gigs opening for Paul Butterfield and Led Zeppelin at Toronto's Rockpile. This was enough to attract the likes of
Capitol Records in 1969 who were beginning to sign more rock oriented acts in Canada like Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck and Pepper Tree.

Their debut album, 'Bearings', was released without much fanfare, or a single, but after radio responded to the song "You, Me & Mexico", it was released in February 1970 and became a hit in Canada, reaching No.3 on the international charts and No.68 in the U.S. Alas, they embarked on a disastrous tour of Canada (ending up stranded in Vancouver for a week with only one poorly attended gig at the University of British Columbia). Roger Ellis was brought in on guitar to help complete their follow-up LP, 'Eclipse', in 1970. But, the record failed to find a substantial audience after the single "You Can't Deny It" showed poorly on the charts. However, the band was hitting its stride with their third album in 1972, 'Edward Bear', with back-to-back charting singles: "Fly Across The Sea" and "Masquerade" but the new commercial sound wasn't the direction that Weldon had come to expect from the band's earlier outtings and he left before their biggest selling single, "Last Song", was released in 1972.
The song went to No.1 in Canada, No.3 in the U.S. and Top 5 in Australia; it sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.
The American arm of Capitol re-issued "You, Me & Mexico" as the follow-up and it re-entered the U.S. charts. The group won the Outstanding Performance By A Group Juno Award in 1972.
Album four, 1973's 'Close Your Eyes' - loosely based on Evoy's embrace of Scientology - featured new addition Bobby Kendall and was augmented with the help of fellow Capitol Records act The New Potatoes. The title track hit No.3 in Canada and Top 30 in the U.S. With another line-up change in 1974, Edward Bear finally split that year. Larry Evoy went on to a semi-successful solo career but is currently retired and breeding show horses; Danny Marks has continued a very successful career as a blues guitar veteran; Weldon performs with a jazz combo and teaches at Seneca College in Toronto; Loop resides in South Western Ontario and plays locally with various session musicians. He also teaches guitar; Ellis has been releasing independent CDs for several years - mostly cover material - and can be seen around Toronto as a performer for the Toronto Transit's subway entertainer series. He is currently recording a new solo album being produced by Larry Evoy. In 1984, Evoy worked with producer Rich Dodson for several singles under the name 'Edward Bear' on indie label Ursa Major Records in 1985. By 1990 the original line-up were rehearsing under speculation they would re-unite for a record, but a new 'best of' compilation was released instead featuring the newly recorded tracks from 1984 several new songs. However, in 2009 at the behest of rock journalist Ritchie Yorke, the original three members reunited at a small gathering in Toronto.
1. Last Song
2. Private School Girls
3. Fly Across The Sea
4. Edgware Station
5. Cachet County
6. Masquerade
7. Back Home Again
8. Best Friend
9. Ease Me Down
10. Black Pete

Roger Ellis - vocals & guitars
Larry Evoy - vocals & drums
Paul Weldon - keyboards

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Jan 3, 2016

Quartz - Quartz (1977)


1. Mainline Riders
2. Sugar Rain
3. Street Fighting Lady
4. Hustler
5. Devil's Brew
6. Smokie
7. Around And Around
8. Pleasure Seekers
9. Little Old Lady

Mike Taylor - vocals
Mick Hopkins - guitar
Geoff Nicholls - guitar
Derek Arnold - bass
Malcolm Cope - drums

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Jan 2, 2016

Hustler - High Street (Vinyl-rip, 1974)

Among the early pioneers of UK hard rock, Hustler comprised Steve Haynes (vocals), Micky Llewellyn (guitar, vocals), Tigger Lyons (bass, vocals), Kenny Daughters (keyboards) and Tony Beard (drums, percussion). At a time when the UK music scene still related anything from the rock field with complex, multi-layered progressive recordings, Hustler seemed somewhat of place with their straightforward rock hooks and ‘good-time boogie’ style. Nevertheless, both High Street and Play Loud remain excellent examples of the back-to-basics British rock movement that eventually exploded into the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. After the group’s collapse, Llewellyn joined Mr. Big.
A1. Just Leave A Good Man
A2. Piranhas
A3. Let The Wind Blow
A4. Uptight Tonight
A5. Get Outa Me 'Ouse
B1. Jack The Lad
B2. Midnight Seducer
B3. Miranda
B4. The Hustler

Tony Beard - drums
Kenny Daughters - keyboards
Steve Haynes - vocals
Mickey Llewelyn - guitar, vocals
Kenny Lyons - bass, vocals
Henry Spinetti - drums

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